Scott Speedster S10 Compact Road Bike

Scott Speedster S10 Compact Road Bike Review

The Scott Speedster S10 Compact is a road bike built to bridge the gap between the alloy-frame options with less durable components and the high tech carbon racers which are feather-light and considerably more expensive. The race-ready setup of this bike has not been built at the expense of comfort or smoothness, so you can expect to eat up miles of questionable tarmac without feeling the effects of the judder and shake which might otherwise be plaguing you on a lesser bike.

The double-butted alloy tubing of the Scott Speedster S10 Compact helps to make the frame one of the best-handling options in this category. It will provide plenty of feedback, so it is not the kind of numb ride you might expect from a bike which is also this comfortable. The frame is also stiff and hard wearing, encouraging you to power through the climbs and really making you feel as though you are being rewarded for your efforts. Acceleration is yet another asset that is attributable to the clever design of the frame, so when the time comes to pull away from the pack and dash to the finish, you can do it with confidence.

The Scott Speedster S10 Compact features the full complement of Shimano Ultegra components, so the gears which will keep you moving forward are bestowed with some of the slickest changes in the business. Shimano brakes are also present, giving you fingertip control over the bike and making sure that you can always apply the right pressure to get the right results. The Alex Race rims and the Continental Ultra Sport tyres are a good match for one another, going hand in hand with the comfortable frame geometry to make sure that even when the weather takes a turn for the worse, you are not forced to reconsider your speed and take more care on slippery surfaces.

The Scott Speedster S10 Compact certainly looks the part, with plenty of smooth welding across the frame and a black, white and red colour scheme that gives it the aggressive edge that can subconsciously put you in the right mindset for competitive situations. The Scott Road Team saddle is a suitable fit for the overall ride, although this is the type of component which serious riders tend to swap out for something else if their personal preference dictates. The carbon/alloy seatpost follows in the footsteps of the fork, giving you that weight-saving quality you would expect while still keeping costs at an appropriate level.

There are many competing road bikes in this price bracket and the Scott Speedster S10 Compact is not too far off the carbon-framed CR1 range when it comes to price. The increased stiffness of the frame might even give it the advantage when it comes to power transfer and even the superior lightness of the carbon road bikes is a minimal benefit because of the weight-saving ethos which has been applied to this model and the rest of the range.