Scott Speedster S20 Flat Bar Triple Road Bike

Scott Speedster S20 Flat Bar Triple Road Bike Review

The Scott Speedster S20 Flat Bar Triple is a road bike which features flat handle bars rather than the drops which are kitted out on many road bikes across the market. There are several different reasons for choosing a flat bar setup and this flat bar version of the S20 is otherwise identical to the standard model. This means you get the same advanced racing geometry on the alloy frame and decent Shimano components, although the hybrid carbon and alloy fork is actually specifically made for this flat bar edition.

The flat bar setup of the Scott Speedster S20 Flat Bar Triple is intended to make the riding position more comfortable and less strain-inducing than it might be for certain riders who have tried and dismissed drop bar bikes in the past. Of course there are some compromises to be made with a flat bar bike, the main one being that you cannot enjoy the same level of flexibility in the positioning of your hands as you can with drop bars and if you are not used to riding with flat handlebars you may take some time to adjust and have to deal with some wrist aching until your body is fully adjusted to this setup. If your back has been giving you trouble with the more extreme seated position of a drop bar bike then this may be the perfect solution. Some argue that with adjustments and tweaking you can get comfortable on any bike, but if you are not up for tinkering, the Scott Speedster S20 Flat Bar triple gives you the best out-of-the-box option to use immediately.

The double butted alloy frame and hybrid fork are both just as race-ready as those found on this bike’s siblings, so riders will be easily impressed with the stiffness of the frame in combination with the vibration-damping capabilities of the fork. Acceleration and speed are the calling cards of this bike and if you have tried lighter carbon bikes and been unsatisfied with the power-sapping nature of certain setups, then the reliability and rugged nature of this alloy alternative will definitely suit your needs.

Shimano Ultegra and 105 components are both found in the gear setup of this bike. These offer both lightness and hard wearing construction to help match the durability of the frame. Sometimes you can find road bikes which have some parts designed for long life, while others fall apart quite quickly, but the Scott Speedster S20 Flat Bar Triple should have no such issues, with each aspect pulling its weight and giving you mile after mile of consistent, reliable performance. The Alex Race rims and Continental Ultra Sport tyres fit this profile perfectly and although they are not the lightest of their kind on the market they are able to operate well in all conditions, improving not just your all-round performance but also your confidence to power through and pick up speed without being impeded by wet, windy or uneven conditions.

Model: Scott Speedster S20 Triple
4 / 5 stars