Trek Fuel EX 7

Trek Fuel EX 7 Mountain Bike Review

The Trek Fuel EX 7 is a mountain bike designed to totally own singletrack trail races, with its full suspension setup on call to offer agile shock absorption which goes arm in arm with tasty handling and a study build which will be a long lasting companion for serious off-road cyclists. It may not be the lightest bike in its category, but it manages to make up for this by still allowing you to put your foot down and pick up speed when required as well as being comfortable enough to encourage you to keep going all day long.

The aluminium frame features 120mm of travel provided by the Fox suspension at the front and rear. This is taut enough to keep you powering uphill as long as you have the muscle power to get the job done. Perhaps more importantly, it comes into a league of its own on slopes where the rough ground might unseat other riders. The suspension and the extra heft of the frame mean that you can race down across unforgiving terrain without feeling that the bike is getting away from you and enjoy the experience without constantly worrying about the bumps and jumps ahead.

Trek Fuel EX 7 Specifications

With Bontrager Duster rims and Bontrager XR3 Expert tyres, you have a wide, stable footprint matched with strength and resistance that is highly well suited to the rest of the bike’s setup. Previous generations of the Fuel EX 7 have been criticised for inappropriate tyre and rim arrangements but this year, Trek seems to have addressed the issue, giving it the components necessary to lock itself to the ground on ascents while taking hits and soaking up rumble on the downhill sections.

The wheels are equipped with Avid Elixir 3 hydraulic disc brakes and you get SRAM gears and shifters to provide smooth changes and the kind of adaptability which is necessary to meet the ever-changing conditions of trails. Come rain, sleet, snow, wind or dry and dusty tracks, the Trek Fuel EX 7 lives up to its name, which hints at a world of motor-powered off-road vehicles alongside which this bike can take its rightful place.

The Trek Fuel EX 7 is not a cheap bike, but it is equivalently priced to match its rivals like the Specialized Camber and the Kona Stinky Air. It is arguably more solid and hard-wearing than these two alternatives, which is something that a value-oriented rider might take into consideration when looking to make a purchase. Of course, replacing the tyres and rims is an option if they do not suit your requirements but otherwise, the bike is ready to go right out of the box and will keep on trucking for hundreds of miles without gradually being dismantled by the harshness of the landscape.

Available in black or white, the Trek Fuel EX 7 is good looking and aggressively designed to match its high levels of performance. Riders who want an uncompromising experience will be happy to hop aboard this day after day.

Model: Trek Fuel EX 7
4 / 5 stars