Scott Speedster S30 Triple Road Bike

Scott Speedster S30 Triple Road Bike Review

The Scott Speedster S30 Triple is built to provide economy without also giving you the compromises that you might expect to see on an affordable bike of this kind. It is ready to take on the competition in road racing conditions and is also appealing enough to make it suitable for long distance training sessions or brief bursts of activity when you have any time spare.

The Scott Speedster S30 Triple shares the same alloy frame as its stable mates and at this end of the market, you can expect to see acres of alloy bikes vying for a place in your heart. Of course not all alloy frames are created equal, as the Speedster S30 Triple readily demonstrates. It is lighter than many of its rivals and even the impressive weight, which looks good on paper, cannot actually be considered once you are riding it because extra grams seem to melt away thanks to its taught, lithe setup and racing geometry. This comes from a lineage of race-winning cycles and even with its value-oriented outlook, it definitely shows.

Affixed to the frame is a Speedster range carbon and alloy fork. Riders will notice that the alloy frame is incredibly stiff and uses its rigidity to make acceleration and speed key assets of the bike. Scott has attempted to temper its hunger for swiftness by using a fork which is a little more forgiving and what might otherwise be a firm ride is softened and made far more acceptable over long distances. All the cool kids may be going for carbon frame bikes, but given the hike in price and the accompanying reduction in stiffness that poorly tuned carbon bikes offer, an affordable alloy framed alternative like the Scott Speedster S30 Triple looks all the more inviting.

A combination of Shimano Tiagra and 105 components are fitted to the bike to provide 27 gears in an adaptable, convenient setup. As with all Shimano components, even those which are not from the top tier of the performance hierarchy, the effortless nature with which shifting occurs will be a boon for road racers. Scott has been less concerned with keeping the weight down with other components, focusing instead on ruggedness and durability to complement the strength of the alloy frame. Alex Race rims are paired with Continental Ultra Sport tyres at the front and rear. These are sturdy enough to stand up to a bit of battering due to uneven road surfaces or careless riding. They are also a good combination when it comes to inspiring confidence in the rider because they are not so racing-centric as to become compromised when the weather turns and wet conditions ensue.

The Scott Speedster S30 Triple is a road bike with a long list of assets and only one or two minor niggles which can easily be overlooked when you consider its price. Anyone who balks at the ideal of spending more than £1000 on a bike will be delighted with what is on offer.

Model: Scott Speedster S30
4 / 5 stars