The Scott CR1 Team Double is part of a range which has been evolving over the years and there is little question over the value for money which is represented by this bike. You are looking at getting a bike which is eminently light for a price which is definitely on the preferable side of the £2000 mark. This year, Scott has attempted to put an even greater emphasis on comfort and so there might be some more powerful riders who feel that it is a little flexible and soft for their purposes, but for the vast majority of serious cyclists it will represent a good pairing.

The carbon frame and fork are both staples of this range and despite mentions of softness, these have been combined in such a way to make the handling of the bike taut, effective and entirely under the rider’s control. The frame is relatively tall for this type of bike and this has been done to give the rider maximum room to stretch their legs and put a good deal of force through the pedals. This in some way compensates for its softer ride, although it is worth pointing out that using the term ‘soft’ at this end of the market is all relative; this is still a very sturdy, light and fast cycle.

The shock absorbing capabilities of the Scott CR1 Team Double are provided by the fork and the rear stays and as you ratchet up the speed at which you are travelling, the bike really comes into its own. It will seem to float across the tarmac and the typical vibrations and incessant rumble which you might expect from cheaper options is largely eliminated. This is something which riders will appreciate over long distances and it will lessen the amount of fatigue you feel from having to deal with unfavourable road surfaces. Perhaps the most important aspect of this comfort and control is that you will actually feel like you can really take it faster than you might have been willing to go before, particularly on steep descents when an unstable ride would put you in a timid mood.

A frame is only as good as the kit with which it is equipped, no matter how light and forgiving it is. The gears and brakes setup is all from the Shimano 105 range and each item has been redesigned for the new season in order to squeeze the most out of its potential. The Mavic Aksium Black rims are built in line with the lightweight leanings of the rest of the bike but they are also tough customers, able to deal with mile after mile of pounding the tarmac and still want more. These are combined with Continental Race Ultra tyres, a range which Scott seems to have fitted to all of its contemporary road bikes.

The Scott CR1 Team Double is top of the class when it comes to weight and provides a ride in which comfort and performance are bedfellows, not arch enemies.

Model: Scott CR1 Team
4 / 5 stars