Scott Speedster S30 Double Road Bike

Scott Speedster S30 Double Road Bike

The Scott Speedster S30 Double is a road bike that combines an affordable price with solid capabilities, which ensures decent performance in the hands of beginners and experience riders alike. Its association with a manufacturer that has helped professionals win many Tour de France stages means it has a lot to live up to and thankfully it definitely delivers, giving you a responsive, smooth and above all fast experience that is always eager to give you more with each pedal push.

The overall weight of the Scott Speedster S30 Double is definitely worthy of note, tipping the scales at 9.08 kilos. This makes it only fractionally heavier than bikes which are several hundred pounds more expensive and, perhaps most importantly, when you are riding it you will feel like it is much lighter than its official stats would have you believe. For racing this is very important as you will not be struggling with the bike on climbs, allowing you to focus all of your efforts on keeping pace with your rivals or working on your personal best time.

Scott Speedster S30 Double Specifications

The frame of the Scott Speedster S30 Double is aluminium and while carbon is the current must-have material for the more expensive bikes, here it makes a lot more sense to opt for an alloy frame for more reasons than just cost-cutting. The rigidity of the alloy frame is such that you can really exert yourself and see your energy converted into speed and acceleration. Some carbon frame bikes which have slightly more forgiving rides can be unsuitable for riders who are all about power because they are less taught and stiff. Of course the Scott Speedster S30 Double is not completely devoid of carbon, as its fork uses this material in combination with alloy in order to enhance the smoothness of the ride and make it less prone to judders, vibrations and rattles when you are winging your way down a steep slope. Lesser bikes might cause you to err on the side of caution, but this model will give you the confidence to go faster.

A mixture of Shimano 105 and Tiagra range components are affixed to the Scott Speedster S30 Double. While you might prefer an all-105 setup or look even higher up the price range to the Ultegra components, in real world usage, the gear changes and ratios are just as capable and the differences only discernable by those who are very experienced or particularly pernickety about the way their bike operates. The Continental Ultra Sport tyres are tried and tested, becoming a standard feature on many Scott bikes, while the Alex rims are aerodynamically designed so that grip does not have to be sacrificed for speed.

The Scott Speedster S30 Double is one of the best value for money road bikes on the market. It may have a balanced price and it is certainly not the bottom of the range but any illusions of its inferiority will be blasted away as soon as you take it for a spin.

Model: Scott Speedster S30
4 / 5 stars