Trek Fuel EX 8 Mountain Bike

Trek Fuel EX 8 Mountain Bike Review

The Trek Fuel EX 8 is a full suspension mountain bike that has received rave reviews and been adorned with endless superlatives. This is good for Trek, but not entirely helpful if you want to get to the bottom of what the bike can actually do. Let us attempt to cut through the hyperbole and focus on the performance of what is a very performance-focused machine.

The Trek Fuel EX 8 attempts to provide great straight line speed and acceleration in combination with shock-absorbing potential, which will help you to make mincemeat of any trail or mountainous region without coming away from the experience thinking that it was a bruising ordeal. It is not alone in claiming to offer these features, but it is unique in that it actually manages to achieve its goals, matching a stiff ride with a supple full suspension setup.

Trek Fuel EX 8 Mountain Bike Specifications

The frame is aluminium and features a full floating Fox shock at the rear with a Fox air spring shock at the front, giving the bike 120mm of travel in total. Catching air and hammering across uneven terrain will be all in a day’s work for the Trek Fuel EX 8, but it will not leave you spinning your wheels in disappointment when you get into a sprint with a mountain bike featuring shorter travel, as it retains an impressive rigidity that lets you put power down without being unable to soak bumps up.

The frame and fork setup combine with the remaining components to help give the rider an appropriate degree of feedback from the terrain, making the bike an involving one to ride without it also being something of a punishment for your body. It feels lithe, responsive and utterly under your control while still urging you on to bigger and better things. Part of this confident yet malleable arrangement can be attributed to the Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes, which sit at the front and rear and promise to provide you with the ability to control and halt your ride no matter what the surface conditions may be. The tubeless Bontrager Rhythm Comp rims and the XR3 tyres from the same manufacturer are good partners to the disc brakes and give you the ability to bite into the earth as you rush uphill and then absorb the impacts that are inevitable as you come down the other side.

The Trek Fuel EX 8 wears its credentials as a hardcore mountain bike for all to see. The big, obvious shocks and the chunky wheels blend with its black and silver or green and brown colour schemes. While it may not have the carbon frame of the more expensive models in the range, it still has the effortless offroad performance pedigree and all-rounder outlook. There are mountain bikes that are more specialised and honed for one particular task, but when you have a varied course to tackle the Trek Fuel EX 8 is the only bike to do well in every way.

Model: Trek Fuel EX 8
4 / 5 stars