Scott Speedster S40 Triple Road Bike

Scott Speedster S40 Triple Road Bike Review

The Scott Speedster S40 Triple is one of the many affordable road bikes offered by this particular manufacturer. It features many of the aspects which make its more expensive cousins great, but comes in at an appealing price. This may not be enough to make it an option for some, but those who are graduating from their beginner’s road bike and want to experience stability and thrills in equal measure might be well suited to this model.

The alloy frame features geometry which has been tested and tuned over many years to make it perfect for any conditions on the road. Obviously you cannot expect to be riding beneath fair skies and on dry, even tarmac during every training session or race, so having a bike which is designed to give you that planted, confident feeling of solidity is a must and the Scott Speedster S40 Triple does just that. While the alloy frame is stiff and able to provide some serious potential for blistering acceleration, rider comfort is taken into account with the fork which blends alloy with forgiving carbon that keeps the weight low and ensures the smoothest of rides, even when potholes riddle the road ahead and rough surfaces are unavoidable.

Scott Speedster S40 Triple Specifications

To go with the rigid frame and comfort-friendly fork, both of which are hard wearing and able to deliver excellent handling in the wet or dry, Scott has added Alex rims and Continental Ultra Sport tyres. The former provide excellent structural strength to help shrug off bumps and hits that will accumulate over time, whilst the latter seem to give you endless grip without sapping your speed at the same time. Of course the rims and tyres are something which you can think about replacing at a later date, but for relative amateurs it is good to see a setup which you can use to achieve success as soon as you get it out of the box.

The own-brand Scott brakes affixed to the front and rear are very serviceable and help to keep the weight of the bike down. The Shimano gear components are from a selection of its ranges and will be a great help in competitive situations, as you will be able to rely on them for effortless changes and reliably smooth shifting each time you need to kick it up a notch. Seeing respected brands affixed to a bike like this is always a good sign, because you will be more confident not just in the day to day performance of the cycle, but also in the prospects of everything holding together for the long haul.

The Scott Speedster S40 is a well balanced road racing bike that above all, gives you straight line speed and long distance comfort that you might not expect to see at this end of the market. Its affordability does not denote a drop in performance compared to other models and its snazzy design is easily on a par with bikes worth three or four times as much.

Model: Scott Speedster S40
4 / 5 stars