Specialized Myka HT Elite Women's Mountain Bike

Specialized Myka HT Elite Women’s Mountain Bike

The Specialized Myka HT Elite certainly offers elite performance but at a price point which will not leave you cowering behind your wallet. It is a women’s mountain bike which has all the trappings of a highly capable machine and the level of female-specific tuning and tweaking will definitely please riders who are not as bulky or large as the males who typically drive the design choices in this market.

The foundation of any mountain bike is its frame. With the Specialized Myka HT Elite you get an alloy frame endowed with geometry that is entirely based around the physicality of female riders. There are no compromises to be made here and the setup is able to give you a solid platform for performance and great standover height, in a way you might not expect from a bike with a compact design. It may be a little cramped for larger riders but this is precisely the point. It is aimed at women who are smaller and more compact naturally and wants to make sure that they can take on muddy trails, uphill climbs and speedy descents, without being held back by a bike which is too large or just not adapted enough to the environment. It is, in short, a bike which is comfortable in its own skin.

At the front you get an SR Suntour fork which offers varying degrees of travel depending on the frame size you pick. 80mm of travel is to be expected on the smaller frames while 100mm is available on the two largest versions of this model. Whichever you pick, you will be able to take advantage of hydraulic damping and a rebound which has been tuned once more to the specific requirements of female riders. As such, the bike will feel lively and eager when you are going to tackle an ascent, while providing you with a sturdy platform which can soak up the inevitable bumps as you come down the other side.

The Specialized Myka HT Elite features a number of components from Shimano, including the brakes and gears. The hydraulic discs at the front and rear each have 160mm rotors, which gives you excellent stopping capabilities in a bike where this is particularly important. Consequently, you can head out come rain or shine and still expect to get the same consistent results from the brakes every time you pull the levers. Alex HR rims equipped with Specialized tyres are a good match and keep the bike well shod, enhancing its ability to bound and bump across unpredictable surfaces without buckling under the strain.

The Specialized Myka HT Elite is part of a well respected range of mountain bikes designed for women and it benefits from having a female-specific frame geometry which is arguably unmatched by its closest rivals. For this price, you are definitely getting your money’s worth and then some, particularly when you consider the fully customised feeling of the bike despite its off-the-shelf immediacy.

Model: Specialized Myka HT Elite
4 / 5 stars