The Specialized Hotrock Girls 12 Inch is a great bike for little tykes. It promises to give your youngest kids years of free-wheeling fun thanks to its rugged design and it will see them through the initial learning curve to help them ride with confidence and eventually move to two wheels from the initial necessity of four.

The Specialized Hotrock Girls 12 Inch will be a good starter bike, allowing girls who are as young as two years old to hop aboard and start pedalling away under the watchful eye of parents and siblings. It comes with training wheels so that there is not obstacle to instant enjoyment of the bike as soon as it comes out of the box. Children can ride it comfortably and with added stability in their early years and if they have previously been using a tricycle, it will feel like a natural progression for them. Of course when the time comes for the training wheels to be removed, the bike will be equally capable of helping kids develop their skills and learning the balance that will set them up for a lifetime of cycling fun.

The Specialized Hotrock Girls 12 Inch benefits from an aluminium frame which is both light and hard wearing, following in the footsteps of the full sized adult cycles made by this manufacturer in terms of its quality and durability. The frame is positioned low to the ground so that the children can work with a low centre of gravity, lessening the frequency of falls and improving their confidence, which is arguably the most important tool available to them when they shed the training wheels.

The alloy frame is accompanied by an alloy fork of the same quality and consistency. Impressively, the whole of the Specialized Hotrock Girls 12 Inch actually looks like a miniaturised version of a bike designed for older children rather than a kiddy-fied model which might be quickly outgrown by the tastes of the young rider. As soon as the training wheels are removed, it strikes an appealing figure which will keep young female riders coming back for more as they grow more mature.

The frame is a vibrant metallic pink, which is sure to appeal to young girls who are going through their Disney Princess phase. Darker pink marks out the Specialized branding and a white saddle and grips are included to give a little respite from these vibrant colours. The chunky black Rhythm Lite Sport tyres are more than capable of retaining grip on slippery surfaces while rolling quickly across the tarmac and an oversized pink chainguard completes the look of the bike.

The Specialized Hotrock Girls 12 Inch is not the cheapest bike for young children, but it definitely has the kind of design and build which will make sure that the riders who use it are able to develop their skills and gain confidence. It will serve girl riders for the years during which learning to ride a bike is particularly important.