Specialized Myka HT Expert Women's Mountain Bike

Specialized Myka HT Expert Women’s Mountain Bike

The Specialized Myka HT Expert is a hardtail mountain bike designed for female riders who are looking for both value for money and decent performance. It delivers on both counts, providing you with a light, stable platform to take on the taxing trails and featuring a number of highly capable components that you would not expect to see in this price bracket.

The alloy frame is fully butted and has been completely designed around female riders, rather than being adapted from a male-oriented larger frame. The frame is light and easy to handle, but it is not so weightless as to feel flimsy or unresponsive. Sometimes a little bit of heft is a good thing and this is certainly the case with the Specialized Myka HT Expert, because although it will not tire you out as you take on serious slopes, it will be reassuringly sturdy when the time comes to descend back to civilization at a breakneck pace.

Specialized Myka HT Expert Specifications

A twin set of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes sit on the front and rear wheels. Rims from the Alex HR range are not likely to become bashful in the face of a bit of punishment thanks to the double wall aluminium construction. Meanwhile, the own-brand tyres do not have the issues which many other generic in-house components can suffer from, so you can enjoy a fast rolling experience which is also able to keep a firm grasp on the ground beneath you, even in trickier conditions and unfavourable weather.

So far we have not talked about perhaps the most important asset of the Specialized Myka HT Expert; its RockShox fork. It is from the slightly preposterously named Le Femme range but despite this inappropriate moniker, it is able to give you good damage-limiting responsiveness when it is time to race down steep inclines while still being stiff and agile enough to keep you powering on up serious climbs. The Shimano gears are also on hand to help out in these situations and although they are not from a single product group, they all pull together towards the same cause and help to keep the cost of the bike down without having a negative effect on its ability to perform.

Because female cyclists are typically lighter and smaller than their male counterparts, all of this has been taken into account in the construction of the Specialized Myka HT Expert. It is not simply a scaled down version of a male-oriented bike, but a female bike from the ground up. The frame geometry provides excellent standover height even if the dimensions might not typically allow for this and the reach to the handlebars is also perfectly tuned for those petite riders who do not want to be disadvantaged by being forced into riding a larger bike which is simple the wrong size for them.

Overall the Specialized Myka HT Expert does an admirable job of combining sturdy components in a bespoke whole which will form a solid partnership with female riders who are starting to face mountain biking with a less casual outlook.

Model: Specialized Myka HT Expert
4 / 5 stars