Specialized Myka HT Sport Disc Women's Mountain Bike

Specialized Myka HT Sport Disc Women’s Mountain Bike Review

The Specialized Myka HT Sport Disc is a good choice for beginners who want a female-centric mountain bike with superior braking capabilities compared to its cheaper stable mates. The mechanical disc brakes add an extra element of assured performance to the bike and go together with its premium alloy frame that has geometry laid out to compliment female riders, rather than give them something unsuitable which they have to learn to live with.

The aluminium frame is coupled with an SR Suntour fork which gives you 80mm of shock-damping travel and a deliberately low standover setup to ensure that you can balance the power you can put down with the handling you will need to navigate difficult courses. Even if you are only going to take this bike out to run rings around the local park, you will want these features to feel capable and confident in your emerging abilities, with the idea being that you will eventually feel ready to graduate to less forgiving surroundings and still be able to hold your head high. The fork is adjusted to make sure it compensates for female riders who are typically lighter than male cyclists and although at this end of the market you might be looking at rigid fork alternatives, this hardtail setup is a better way to prepare yourself for the more expensive and impressive bikes which can be yours once you feel up to the task.

Specialized Myka HT Sport Disc Specifications

The Specialized Myka HT Sport Disc goes one step beyond the basic Sport model, ditching the V-Brakes in favour of mechanical disc brakes from the Avid BB5 range. These add a little weight to the bike but this is more than compensated for by the fact that the 160mm rotors will give you the stopping power you need to improve your technique and feel safe when you pick up speed on downhill sections.

A mishmash of Shimano components are cobbled together to make up the gear system and despite the fact that these are not from the more expensive end of the line, the expertise of this respected brand shines out from the affordable nature, giving you slick changes and long lasting ruggedness which might otherwise be missing from rivals to this model.

One of the best things about the Specialized Myka HT Sport Disc is that, despite its lightweight design and sporty handling, it is not so hardcore that it will put off those who want to use it both as a weekend fun-facilitator as well as an everyday workhorse. The stiff setup means that in an urban environment it will be a good commuter’s choice, while still packing enough punch to perform well when you drag it into the countryside for some recreational good times.

The Specialized Myka HT Sport Disc is an entry level bike which does not punish you for your lack of experience, but rather coaxes you on to bigger and better things. It is built to last and well suited to female riders with aspirations.

Model: Specialized Myka HT Sport Disc
4 / 5 stars