The female-centric Specialized Myka range of hardtail mountain bikes is back and packed with plenty of different models to cater to a range of riders.

Here is a quick overview of each of the main entries in this series along with the main features you will find on the bikes.

The entry level Specialized Myka may have been created with affordability in mind but it still represents a great starter platform for any female riders who want to improve their off-road skills. With an A1 premium alloy frame with recreation-friendly women’s geometry it is set up to work well under the control of a weekend rider. You get an SR Suntour XCT fork with 80mm of travel and a custom coil which has been adapted to take into account the physicality of women. Shimano Altus drivetrain components are capable of delivering consistent performance and the lightweight Fast Trak LK Sport tyres from Specialized are grippy in all conditions without weighing the bike down for urban use.

Specialized Myka Disc

The Specialized Myka Disc retains the majority of the components from its slightly cheaper stable mate but, as the name suggests, you get disc brakes rather than the standard steel calliper alternatives. The brakes are from the Tektro Novela range and are mechanically operated. This does mean that you do not get quite the smoothness that you might find with hydraulic brakes on costlier models, but for the price you cannot find much fault with the Myka Disc.

The next step up the ladder comes in the form of the Specialized Myka Sport Disc, which retains the A1 premium alloy frame and its recreational geometry but kits it out with Shimano Acera components, leaving the Altus equipment on the shelf. You also get improved hydraulic disc brakes from the Tektro Draco range with 160mm rotors for additional stopping power and control. The same SR Suntour fork is on hand to soak up impacts smoothly, which it achieves in tandem with the Fast Trak LK Sport tyres also found on other Myka models.

Specialized Myka Elite Disc

The cream of the crop is the Specialized Myka Elite Disc and there are a number of notable areas in which attention has been lavished on the bike to improve its performance. The frame is still as capable as ever, but affixed to the front is an SR Suntour XCR fork with hydraulic shock and up to 100mm of travel. The women’s tuned Spike Valve gives you the responsiveness you need over the rough while letting you put down the power on climbs, which is something that you will really want to see from a hardtail. Shimano Acera components, Tektro Draco brakes and Specialized’s own Captain Sport tyres round out this range-topping cycle’s features.

The entirety of this year’s Myka range has been put together well and the designs never fall back on over the top colour pallets or messy decals to get your attention. Whichever you pick will serve you well on muddy trails, grassy parks or tarmac roads.