Specialized P2 Jump Bike

Specialized P2 Jump Bike Review

The Specialized P2 is a respected jump bike and it is a very well adapted machine that has gone through many years of evolution to get to its present stage. It is something of a beast, with its excellent frame geometry and powerful disc brakes making it perfect for tricking and jumping, whether in a specially designed environment or in a more freeform, unplanned fashion. It is not without its faults, but in the right hands this will provide a impressive platform for stunts, jumps and tricks.

The Specialized P2 is not exactly designed for everyday life, although there is no doubt that those who pick it up will want to ride it everywhere, even if its compact frame and responsive front suspension setup make it something of a handful when you are just trying to get from A to B. The P2 would prefer that you get from one place to another via a series of dirt jumps where it can catch some air and its Marzocchi fork with 80mm of travel can be put through its paces.

Specialized P2 Jump Bike Specifications

While speed and airtime are important with this type of bike, the Specialized P2 makes sure that you can modulate each and master the bike using Avid BB5 mechanical disc brakes. The large rotors are designed to limit the extra weight added over standard brakes and so those who might be sceptical about this type of technology can rest easy in the knowledge that Specialized has made the right decision here.

The Specialized P2 knows its users well and a big portion of the design has been forged in the understanding that the finished product will take some serious punishment. It is virtually ready to go as soon as you get it out of the box and taking it for a spin in its natural environment will give its frame, rims, suspension and every other component a good work-out. The singe speed setup means there are no illusions about its key purpose. You can hit jumps fast and land with confidence that the whole thing will not buckle under your weight and the double wall alloy wheels will help reinforce this ability.

Where Specialized continues to show its knowledge of the target audience for the P2 is in the design. Its black frame is delightfully unadorned with any real kind of branding, which lets the simple patterned detailing shine through and the orange highlights on the chainrings, handlebars and seatpost give it even more character. In previous years, it has daubed this range with designs which resembled poorly chosen tattoos, but by going back to basics the whole thing looks out of this world.

The Specialized P2 is obviously not a bike for a mainstream audience, but for anyone who has special plans involving some of the more extreme cycling techniques then this will be a suitable fit for their riding style. Just do not expect to climb mountains, take on jumps and ride to the shops in the same day.

Model: Specialized P2
4 / 5 stars