Specialized Pitch FSR Pro Mountain Bike

Specialized Pitch FSR Pro Bike Review

The Specialized Pitch FSR Pro never has that off-the-shelf, cobbled together feeling that some other bikes can posses. It is instead endowed with a fully customised, bespoke approach to high end mountain biking which will make it feel like it has been built just for you. Each component works in harmony and with an impressive 150mm of travel delivered by the full suspension setup, you will be confident when tackling anything thrown at you, whether you are trekking through local woodland or plunging down death-defying slopes on the continent.

Since this has a rear shock from Fox you would not expect it to keep pace with mountain bikes featuring hardtail setups when facing a difficult ascent. However, Specialized has done everything it can to combat energy-sapping spongyness in the uphill sections, making sure that both the shocks have been customised to provide extra stiffness and rigidity to the frame that will make the best use of your powerful pedal pushing rather than wasting it all and expecting you to make up ground in the downhill sprints. You will be surprised that a bike offering this level of travel is able to climb so well, but as you might expect, the best way to ride it uphill is smoothly rather than aggressively if you want to see results.

Specialized Pitch FSR Pro Bike Specifications

Of course it is when facing an all-out descent during which gravity is sucking you faster and faster towards the oncoming obstacles that the Specialized Pitch FSR Pro is leaps and bounds ahead of its rivals, both literally and metaphorically. When rocks, roots, ruts in the earth and jumps face you, it is reassuring to be sitting astride a bike that is built to not only withstand, but to thrive in this type of environment. With rims designed specifically for the Pitch range and Eskar Control tyres beneath you, it is possible to relax and worry about taking turns and mounting jumps rather than suffering from mounting tension as you wonder whether or not the bike is going to hold together or buckle and make you bail.

The alloy frame of the Specialized Pitch FSR Pro is well suited to this type of bike. It borrows the geometry of much more expensive options and features an aggressive black and lime green colour scheme that will definitely suit the type of thrill-seekers who will want to ride away on it. The customisation which defines the bike has also been applied to the Avid Elixir 3 hydraulic disc brakes, which feature a 203mm rotor at the front and a 185mm rotor at the rear for acres of gripping area to use to your advantage.

The Specialized Pitch FSR Pro is a full suspension mountain bike which demands attention. It is a hardcore downhill trailblazer which will still perform admirably in the climbs even if it is a little heavier and less rigid than hardtail bikes against which it may well be competing. You should certainly give it the time of day if it is within your budget.

Model: Specialized Pitch
4 / 5 stars