Scott Speedster S40 Double Road Bike

Scott Speedster S40 Double Road Bike Review

The Scott Speedster is a well rounded road bike which is just as comfortable when you are taking on the most daunting of climbs as it is when you are picking up serious speed on what might otherwise be rather hair-raising descents. This bike is well within the realms of affordability for most serious cyclists and with this budget price tag, you get a surprising level of quality, from the frame to the components and the sturdiness of its construction.

First of all there is the alloy frame, with geometry which has been forged over Scott’s long experience in building world-beating road bikes. This is obviously not as light as the all-carbon frame road bikes which cost two or three times as much, but it has some practical applications which can get lost along the way when you opt for a carbon road bike. The alloy frame is light enough to not feel like a burden when you take it out to put it through its paces. It is also very stiff and rigid in a way which is not always possible with all-carbon bikes. Between Scott’s budget carbon range and the alloy Speedster S40 Double, you are likely to feel that the latter is quicker off the line and provides a platform with which powerful riders will be happy, as none of your energy is soaked up by a sloppy frame.

Scott Speedster S40 Double Specifications

The hybrid carbon and alloy front fork helps to soften the spiky performance of the stiff alloy frame. It has flex and forgiveness but it still lets you have total control over the bike and feel confident, even in inclement weather conditions when water on the road might cause you to be a little cautious, thus hampering your speed and confidence. The stability persists to downhill straights, where an uneven road surface or simply the impact of high speeds upon your psyche might make you hold back on going full pelt when using a lesser bike. Instead, the Scott Speedster S40 Double feels rock solid and will help you build the courage to push yourself a little farther.

Shimano is responsible for several key components, with Tiagra shifters added to the package to give it a touch of class and high end reliability. Even on a relatively cheap model like this you can enjoy silky smooth gear changes and consistency over mile upon mile of road racing and training. The brakes are from Scott’s own brand and they are perfectly functional, although perhaps the least stand-out feature of this setup. They will stop you and help you control your speed, but they do it without flare. However, in this price bracket they still represent great value for money.

In short, the Scott Speedster S40 Double is a road bike which will be an ideal training companion or even a race-ready cycle for those who are deeply enthusiastic about cycling while still looking to put a reasonable cap on their bike budget.

Model: Scott Speedster S40
4 / 5 stars