Specialized Roubaix Pro SL3 Road Bike

Specialized Roubaix Pro SL3 Road Bike Review

The Specialized Roubaix Pro SL3 was part of a range which was able to surprise many observers when it was unveiled ahead of its 2011 launch thanks to its improbable ability to combine comfort for long distance races and performance to make sure that riders can actually have more than just a small chance of emerging victorious at the end of a competition. This full carbon road bike is effortlessly sympathetic to the physical punishment which can tire and break riders during endurance trials, but like many machines which make things seem effortless, there is actually a lot going on to ensure its composure remains untainted.

The FACT 9r carbon frame of the Specialized Roubaix Pro SL3 is refined and renewed for this latest edition, combining a lightweight build with great stiffness and still allowing for vertical flex to help minimise the impact of vibrations. The popular Zertz inserts are present throughout, including on the seatpost, allowing the bike to shave off extra grams while simultaneously enhancing the overall comfort.

Specialized Roubaix Pro SL3 Specifications

Solid power transfer and stiffness at the front and rear end go hand in hand on the Specialized Roubaix Pro SL3. In fact, as you bring it up to speed it comes to life, offering up a buoyant, engaging ride which seems to slide over the tarmac and still give you enough feedback to make the handling feel agile. The carbon handlebars are from the Specialized Pro family and they are noteworthy thanks to their ergonomic nature and light weight. You will find shifting position to be easy while you ride and they work in with the endurance-friendly features to provide long lasting comfort, whatever your riding style.

Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra components grace the frame with their presence. All of the cabling is routed internally so the bike looks uncluttered and it is well equipped to deal with the gustiest of side winds and still feel solid as a rock on the road. Roval Fusee SL rims are paired with Specialized Roubaix Pro II tyres, making one of the lightest wheel setups around and ensuring that you can roll quickly across the tarmac while still getting the most out of the comfort features.

The Specialized Roubaix Pro SL3 is styled to show off its carbon pedigree, as the weave is visible at certain points on the frame. Red and white detailing helps to pick things up and even the rims are factored into the overall look and feel, which is one of assured confidence and quality.

The bike is packed with plenty of capabilities that make it a forgiving endurance road bike which nevertheless can be called upon to deliver serious levels of performance when required. This obviously comes at a price and it is a rung or two above the entry level Roubaix carbon models in this and many other respects. Serious riders who have the budget to encompass the Specialized Roubaix Pro SL3 should definitely give it a thorough examination.

Model: Specialized Roubaix Pro SL3
4 / 5 stars