Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 Road Bike Review

The Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 is a road bike designed from the ground up to provide top notch racing performance. While it is a very competitive machine with an impressively stiff carbon frame that ensures serious power transfer, it is also comfortable enough to keep the rider feeling cushioned without compromising on the speed. The Tarmac range is far more race-focused than the endurance-friendly Roubaix road bike from Specialized, so get ready to have your perceptions adjusted if you take this for a spin.

The Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 makes use of the FACT 10r carbon frame with compact race geometry. The race-ready carbon fork complements the frame and the carbon handlebars and seatpost are all from the same family, whittling away at the total weight to bring it down to a level that will make getting up to speed and pushing away from the pack easier than ever before.

Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 Specifications

The Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 is incredibly taut and responsive given the amount of carbon that is used in its construction. It can be flicked into turns and controlled to the tiniest degree by confident riders and despite its light weight, this helps to enhance its grounded nature. The frame and fork will not feel prone to shudders and shimmies when you are putting a lot of pressure on them. Even at high speeds you will not feel that the bike is punishing you with its ride quality, because it is able to flatten out the wrinkles in any road surface and is actually a good day-long tourer as well as being a sinewy short-distance sprinter.

Shimano Dura-Ace and Ultegra components adorn the Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 and these are groupsets which regularly crop up at about this price point. Shimano is used by many manufacturers because it guarantees smooth operation and although the bike does not have internal cable routing, which might have been desirable, the components are carefully chosen and seamlessly integrated.

Beneath the Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 are Roval Fusee rims equipped with S-Works Turbo tyres. These are a significant step up from the cheaper bikes in this product family, allowing for you to roll quickly and cleanly across the tarmac thanks to the light construction and durability.

The Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 is a great looking bike, showing once again that this is the firm to beat when it comes to style. Its all-white frame is only broken up by black branding and one or two subtle red decals. The Roval rims are a little more flamboyant with matching red and white striping and there is a consistent level of quality in the finish of every aspect of the bike, ensuring that you never forget that your money has been well spent.

The Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 is a successful racing road bike which is well liked by serious riders and professionals alike. This all-carbon edition is lighter than ever and has more than enough charm and ability to win your approval.

Model: Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3
4 / 5 stars