Specialized Ruby Elite Women's Road Bike

Specialized Ruby Elite Women’s Road Bike Review

The Specialized Ruby Elite is a road bike which offers female riders a relatively inexpensive way to jump on the carbon frame bandwagon and enjoy the enhanced levels of comfort and the unrivalled lightness which this brings. Specialized does a stand out job of making sure that women cyclists are perfectly at home on its bikes, honing the frame geometry and adjusting the various components to ensure that their difference in physiology is never a disadvantage. So let us delve under the surface of the bike and decide whether it is really elite.

The carbon frame of the Specialized Ruby Elite uses the FACT 8r weave, which you will find on many of the manufacturer’s entry level carbon racers. This means it is not quite as light as the more expensive models, but it still weighs notably less than the alloy framed alternatives. Specialized has equipped the carbon frame and accompanying fork with its Zerts inserts technology, which dampen road vibrations to a pleasing degree. Even the seatpost gets this feature to help enhance the comfort of the bike.

The Specialized Ruby Elite is part of the endurance range of road bikes and it is definitely fitting of this title. This not only covers the level of comfort which the rider will experience, but also the long lasting durability of its constructions. The frame geometry and headtube naturally put you in a slightly more upright position and while this may have a small impact on the amount of power throughput you can access, the improved comfort over long distances will be even more profound.

There is no significant sacrifice of frame stiffness made in order to get the Specialized Ruby Elite to compensate for vibration and bumps. Instead, by using oversized chainstays paired with a similarly large bottom bracket, the designers have managed to retain the composure and firmness of the bike, letting you fly up climbs and race down hills with ease. Handling is also a consideration, with the bike feeling composed and under your total control at all times. Although it is setup to cut out the worst of the road rumble, you never feel like you are completely detached from the tarmac and the feedback is often necessary to plan the best course of action in corners and on descents.

The styling of the Specialized Ruby Elite is simply gorgeous, as the firm has allowed the bike’s carbon weave to be represented externally. The attractive grey of the carbon is offset with one or two subtle swooshes of pink on the frame and fork. This is nothing too showy and gives a little bit of feminine character to the bike which female riders are sure to appreciate. There are some more gender neutral bikes in this range, but the Specialized Ruby Elite is brave enough to show its colours with pride.

The Specialized Ruby Elite is a fast, planted, comfortable carbon road bike which, for the price, is definitely worth recommending to beginners or experienced riders.

Model: Specialized Ruby Elite
4 / 5 stars