Specialized Ruby Comp Women's Road Bike

Specialized Ruby Comp Women’s Road Bike

The Specialized Ruby Comp is part of a range that was created a few years back in order to provide female riders with a road bike that could match up to the Roubaix family aimed at male cyclists. Various incremental improvements have justified the re-release of the Ruby Comp in its current form, although it sticks to the basic formula of providing a comfortable, light carbon frame in combination with Shimano 105 components to make sure that it is both race-ready and a capable companion on long-distance training sessions.

The Specialized Ruby Comp uses the base model carbon frame as you might expect from its price point. However, this is still significantly lighter than an alloy alternative and well worth the investment when it comes to the trade off between performance and comfort. Each and every aspect of the frame geometry has been specifically set up to be perfect for female riders. As such the handlebars, carbon fork and riding position are all in line with what you would expect from a women’s road bike.

Both the geometry and the carbon frame of the Specialized Ruby Comp help to ensure that it can keep on giving you a comfortable riding experience over miles of tarmac. The riding position is deliberately more upright than some other racing bikes and the whole package is perfect for relative newcomers to road cycling, because it will let you get into the swing of things without damaging your confidence as a result of poor ride or handling.

Despite the claims of comfort, which definitely ring true, the Specialized Ruby Comp can also be marked out as a decent performer in competitive situations. The whole thing feels stiff and taut, responding to your efforts quickly and letting you wind up the speed whenever you see fit. The bike is also forgiving on the climbs thanks to its light weight and ability to keep on putting down the power when other bikes might sag. Speeding up downhill is something which the bike encourages, as at faster speeds the carbon frame does even more of the work ,eliminating the vibrations and bumps which can make alternative bikes feel a little unstable when gravity takes its toll.

Considering the price bracket, the Specialized Ruby Comp is well equipped with Shimano 105 components on both the gears and brakes. The wheels are comprised of Fulcrum Racing 6 rims, which are light and durable, along with Specialized’s own brand All Condition tyres. The rims in particular are a pleasant surprise, letting you keep on going for miles on end without ever feeling like you are being held back by speed-sapping wheels.

The Specialized Ruby Comp is, in short, a very good value road bike which lets you enjoy the benefits of a carbon frame without costing the earth. While there are more expensive bikes which can promise improved performance, for your money you will be hard pressed to find something which can equal it.

Model: Specialized Ruby
4 / 5 stars