Specialized Secteur Comp Road Bike

Specialized Secteur Comp Road Bike Review

The Specialized Secteur Comp is a road bike aimed at enthusiastic amateurs who might have lost their interest in cycling of late and need something to revive their previous passion. It is a good bike for beginners or those with experience who do not want to ride under the rigours of an all-out racer. As such, its alloy frame encourages a slightly more upright riding position, making it a comfortable bike to ride for long periods. Of course it is still light and strong, with carbon features on hand to lower the weight and enhance the quality of the handling.

The E5 aluminium frame of the Specialized Secteur Comp is blessed with Zertz inserts which are included to help eliminate the annoying road vibrations which can make you tired more quickly on a long distance stint. The same technology is present on the carbon fork, allowing the bike to be very forgiving, particularly at high speeds when it feels smooth and assured. The seatpost benefits from carbon technology because it is completely wrapped in it and is consequently able to be lighter than its all-alloy alternatives while still being just as strong and supportive.

Specialized Secteur Comp Specifications

The full Shimano 105 groupset is used to make up the components of the Specialized Secteur Comp. This range has been revised and renewed for 2011, bringing with it STI shifters which are well adapted for use in racing situations. Of course, even if you do not want to get competitive on the bike, you will still benefit from smooth shifting and braking with components that will stay the course and not need replacement too quickly.

The Secteur Comp uses the Mavic CXP22 rims which are common amongst bikes of this price range from Specialized. They do not add too much to the overall weight of the bike but they are also proven to be strong and hard wearing, which is definitely an advantage. All Condition tyres can eat up the tarmac speedily and let you grip the road even when water has slickened its surface and other bikes might start to respond less pleasingly to your commands.

The Specialized Secteur Comp is easily one of the best looking bikes in its class. The simplicity of its red and white colour scheme is its greatest asset, as some of the messier, more cluttered designs of its rivals are blown out of the water by it. The curved and slightly elongated top tube not only makes sure that you are seated in a more upright manner, but it also lends an elegance to the bike’s demeanour and this is just one example of the many great finishing touches which have been applied to the bike.

There is a lot to like about the Specialized Secteur Comp and the price is just the starting point. It is a bike which newcomers should find easy to manage and the experienced riders will get a lot from, which should give it a wide appeal.

Model: Specialized Secteur Comp
4 / 5 stars