Specialized Safire FSR Pro Women's Mountain Bike

Specialized Safire FSR Pro Women’s Mountain Bike Review

The Specialized Safire FSR Pro is a no-nonsense, hardcore full suspension mountain bike designed from day one to suit female riders. As well as being a tough customer, able to stand up to any trail you throw at it regardless of the punishment it faces, it is also very light and agile, ripping its way up climbs at speeds that will worry the hardtail riders. With many adjustable components, you can react to the changing conditions on the fly and make sure you are using the bike as efficiently as possible, cushioning the bumps on descents and tightening things adequately for uphill sections.

The alloy frame of the Specialized Safire FSR Pro is fully manipulated and features trail geometry which has been designed to suit the physiology of female riders. It is a little leaner and lighter than the male equivalent Stumpjumper range from Specialized, but this is perfect because the lighter builds of female riders will be well suited to this setup. The frame has been further tweaked to ensure that standover clearance is generous and naturally smaller female riders will be given all the advantages required to ensure they can compete.

The full suspension setup is comprised of a modified Fox Brain Shock at the rear, which has the special Safire Tune inertia valve onboard to allow for real time adjustments, along with a Specialized Future Shock at the front. The ability to make adjustments as you ride, giving you a stiffer setup for climbing and street use with a more forgiving degree of travel when you head downhill, is something to shout about. Each rider will obviously have to do a little experimenting to find their particular sweet spot, but that is all part of the fun of owning a Specialized Safire FSR Pro.

Specialized has doled out responsibility for the equipment to various popular firms. SRAM gets the gearing down to a fine art, ensuring that you can expect smooth changes whatever the weather. Meanwhile the Avid Elixir R CR SL brakes are hydraulically operated and have large 160mm rotors at the front and 140mm rotors at the rear, complete with a custom setup provided by Specialized to make sure that the stopping power is suitable for female riders.

The Roval Control Trail EL rims and hubs are a welcome sight on the wheels, giving you superior lightness while still making sure that there is enough structural strength to absorb the unavoidable punishment that they will receive. S-Works ‘The Captain’ Control tyres are high capacity, grippy units that again work well in the context of the Specialized Safire FSR Pro, letting you roll relatively quickly across the flat, soak up impacts on the descents and dig in for the climbs.

The Specialized Safire FSR Pro is happy in most off-road circumstances, with adequate performance in climbs made all the more appealing by the thought of careening downhill with confidence as you come down the other side. Female riders who want a professional-grade full-sus bike need look no further.

Model: Specialized Safire FSR Pro
4 / 5 stars