Specialized Tarmac Comp SL2 Road Bike

Specialized Tarmac Comp SL2 Road Bike Review

The Specialized Tarmac Comp SL2 is a road bike which is at the top of its game for 2011. Taking the racing heritage of its forebears and turning everything up a notch, it is endowed with many carbon components, a carbon frame and an impressively stiff, lively ride which will still be comfortable enough to save you from excessive fatigue.

The one thing which is promised by the FACT 8r carbon frame of the Specialized Tarmac Comp SL2 is predictability and consistence. You will know exactly how it is going to behave with each and every turn, climb and descent, with there never being any question of hairy moments as a result of the construction. The frame and the light carbon fork both afford lateral stiffness without giving you a jolting ride and even at slow speeds it feels entirely planted and together, while still reminding you that the road beneath can throw up surprises from time to time which you will need to encounter and conquer.

The full array of Shimano 105 components are present and correct on the Specialized Tarmac Comp SL2. There are obviously more expensive equipment options on the market, but what the Shimano 105 gear lacks in prestige it more than makes up for in reliability and durability. Just like the frame and the handling, there is little question of the rider getting the same response from the kit time and time again, whether changing gears smoothly or applying the brakes with confidence. The whole of the bike is ultimately designed to be a worthy companion for a racing beginner who may not be completely at home with the intricacies and quirks of a more specialised bike.

The wheelset consists of Fulcrum Racing 6 rims and hubs along with Specialized Turbo Comp tyres. The rims are suitably solid without compromising the lightness of the bike while the tyres are fast rolling and hard wearing, two important qualities at any point on the market. While it is the frame that is the star of the show, there is definitely a lot to like about the equipment of the Specialized Tarmac Comp SL2. Some have said that although it is explicitly designed for racing, there is no reason to suggest that it will not be better than its comfort-driven sibling, the Roubaix, over long distances.

The all-black carbon frame is juxtaposed with stylish red flashes on the fork and tyre walls. It definitely has a distinctive look and the tapered tubing helps to give it some gentle elegance where some alternatives can be all hard lines and straight edges.

If you pick the Specialized Tarmac Comp SL2 you will be very pleased with your investment. Carbon bikes of this kind are rarely so well adapted to racing, particularly given the ultimately value-oriented makeup of its additional components. Power transfer, downhill confidence and all day riding will be afforded to anyone who buys this bike and its long lasting build quality will continue to shine.

Model: Specialized Tarmac Comp SL2
4 / 5 stars