Specialized Secteur Elite Road Bike

Specialized Secteur Elite Review

The Specialized Secteur Elite is a road bike which is essentially a more affordable version of what is available in the Roubaix range from the same manufacturer. It uses aluminium for a large proportion of the components, but it does give you a carbon fork and seatpost to whet your interest in this advanced technology without ramping up the price to an unattainable level.

With an A1 Premium aluminium frame and geometry which is indistinguishable from the Roubaix range, the Specialized Secteur Elite has a solid basis for providing you with a durable, comfortable ride. By extending the top tube, an upright riding position is assured and Zertz inserts on the fork and seatpost make the most out of carbon technology to soften road rumble and take the edge off the big hits delivered by potholes.

Although the Specialized Secteur Elite is comfortable and poised it has not been completely sapped of life, with the geometry helping you feel like you are still in touch with the road surface even when you are skimming along at high speeds without a shimmer or shudder to put you off your task. While the bike is designed to take the sting out of long distance riding, it is still stiff enough to be as quick as a whip when you accelerate. There is an overall sense that the bike is working for you rather than requiring that you succumb to its peculiarities and on a good day, you will be able to forget that it is there altogether and enjoy the sheer thrill of the ride.

Specialized Secteur Elite Specifications

For the 2011 version of the Specialized Secteur Elite, the manufacturer has started to support the SRAM Apex groupset for the gears. These are a good compromise, offering a cheaper alternative to the Shimano 105 equipment which is featured on more expensive models and still letting you enjoy consistent, smooth shifting over the course of a session on the road. Tektro brakes are adequate if unremarkable, giving you the right amount of control over the bike without doing anything out of the ordinary.

This year the Specialized Secteur Elite comes with All Condition Sport tyres, a welcome addition to the package which ensure that it will stick to the road whatever the weather and still be able to provide you with speed and manoeuvrability when it is required. The Mavic CXP22 rims are not the lightest around, but they make up for any extra weight by being durable and forgiving, never shying away from rough road surfaces and cobbled streets which might otherwise do undue damage to your bike.

An unfussy black and white frame design rounds off the Specialized Secteur Elite in style. This bike is designed to make road riding fun once more, perhaps reigniting interest in riders who had previously fallen out of favour with cycling because they had been using an inferior machine. Value for money is clearly the motivating factor behind its build, but that does not mean it cannot provide a fun, snappy platform for cycling success.

Model: Specialized Secteur Elite
4 / 5 stars