Scott CR1 Comp Compact 2011 Road Bike

Scott CR1 Comp Compact Bike Review

The sleek lines and stylish design of the Scott CR1 Compact can tell you in an instant that this is a bike which does not do things by half measures. However, it is priced to make sure that those who want superior road racing performance on a budget can still enjoy the same kind of hardware and features that professionals would expect.

The fresh design of the frame is definitely geared toward long distance cycling. It has geometry that is intended to reduce road rumble, enhance stability and provide stiffness all in a single breath while still being comfortable and sympathetic to the requirements of the rider. Other bikes can leave you feeling shaken and stirred after many miles on the road, but this is not the case with the Scott CR1 Comp Compact.

As well as being setup for comfort, the frame is finished in carbon and combined with the Scott Addict carbon fork. Carbon is more supple, strong and light than the alloy or steel-framed road bikes that occupy the lower echelons of the market and it makes all the difference here. It means you are not just looking at a road bike for amateurs, but at a racing cycle which will appeal to enthusiasts and professionals.

It is worth noting that the comfort is actually relative to your speed. Expect to experience the bike operating at the height of its potential when you are really motoring along. This is definitely a good thing, because it means you can keep up a brisk pace across roads that you do not know well and throw it into corners in confidence without worrying about where the next pothole or uneven surface is going to appear.

Scott focuses on the comfort factor when marketing this bike, but it might also do well to mention the added degree of safety which this intelligent geometry affords. There is no fear of the bike ever providing riders with an uninspiring ride, because its setup is conducive to what might be consider riskier riding on lesser machines. The Shimano 105 brakes add well to this mix, giving you the stopping power you need to ensure that from every angle, the bike is under your control and you need not wonder whether or not your next tug on the brakes will have little impact.

The Scott CR1 Comp Compact is built to tackle roads across the globe in any weather condition. The Continental tyres are fast rolling and will work well with the stiff, light frame to give you excellent speed when it is time to enter a sprint. They will also hug the road surface even after rainfall and when a side wind threatens to unbalance you the Scott stem will reassure you.

Aside from all the talk of comfort and safety, there is no denying that the Scott CR1 Comp Compact is a well produced, competitive bike which is just as stiff and sporty as you would hope from a brand which prides itself on these two factors.

Bike: Scott CR1 Comp
4 / 5 stars