Trek Fuel EX 6 Mountain Bike

Trek Fuel EX 6 Mountain Bike Review

The Trek Fuel EX 6 is part of an award-winning range of trail bikes with wildly different price points but the same basic set of capabilities. The hard-wearing, full suspension frame is one of the best in its class and reason enough on its own to recommend the bike, but the fact that it is accompanied by some of the most impressive components in the business makes it a great package to give several thumbs up to over the course of the review.

First, the aluminium frame with its full floater arrangement is endowed with 120mm of travel from the Fox shock at the rear and the RockShox unit on the fork. There may be carbon framed options higher up the price range in this same model family but most will be entirely happy with the weight and performance of this bike. The handling is pitched perfectly to provide you with plenty of feel and responsiveness, ensuring that you can feel it gripping the dirt and operate in unison with it to get the results you need. Some bikes want you to adapt your riding style to suit them, but the Trek Fuel EX 6 seems to be a very sympathetic machine, enhancing your strengths and allowing you to compensate for your weaknesses, no matter how you choose to ride.

At the rear end, the Trek Fuel EX 6 has a very stiff, rigid feel. This is something which the developers have settled upon over years of experimentation and it helps to enhance the all-rounder style of this bike. You can battle your way up the climbs and feel that you are in contention with the hardtail rivals and then as you hit the crest of the summit, leave them in your wake on the downhill dash. The full suspension features let you ride it hard over what might otherwise be overly rugged terrain and still feel that you can push it faster. The bike will not only give you the confidence to engage with the trickier sections of a trail, but will also be the type of transport which you can rely upon to take knocks and serious punishment and still hold together for many more miles of riding.

Shimano Deore components sit alongside Bontrager rims and tyres, giving you the assurances you need when you are getting into a racing situation. Like the rest of the bike, these components are light but certainly tough enough to handle the rough stuff.

The Trek Fuel EX 6 is part of a range which has been steadily improving over many years and it is possible to argue that in 2011, a peak performance has been found. At this price point there may be several appealing rivals to consider in the same breath as this bike, but for a proven level of competence and a long-lasting race companion, there are few other mountain bikes which can even begin to hold a candle to the Fuel EX 6.

Model: Trek Fuel EX 6
4 / 5 stars