Trek Fuel EX 8 Women's Mountain Bike

Trek Fuel EX 8 Women’s Mountain Bike Review

The Trek Fuel EX 8 is ranked as one of the best women’s mountain bikes in its price bracket, matching a highly capable aluminium frame with a full suspension setup that is tuned to the specific requirements of female riders. There is no section of a trail which will phase the Trek Fuel EX 8, as it is perfectly at home on climbs and descents as well as being stiff enough to accelerate hard on the flat without wasting your energy.

The Trek Fuel EX 8 has a full float frame fashioned using lightweight aluminium. The carbon frame bikes in this range may be a little lighter, but the strength and resilience of the aluminium offering here is more than suited to the kind of performance you will want to achieve. Fox supplies both the rear shock and fork, giving the frame 120mm of travel. What is surprising is how the bike manages to act like a short travel bike on uphill climbs while taking full advantage of its dual chamber shock and echoing the performance of a long travel alternative when you come crunching back down to earth.

The suspension at the front and rear can make mincemeat of any kind of surface. Even the rockiest climbs or bumpiest descents will seem comparatively flat when you are sitting astride this stallion, with its suspension compensating for the unevenness and keeping the tyres in contact with the ground more than you might imagine possible in the circumstances. You will feel in total control throughout your run, not flinching at the thought of launching into the air or taking the harder but ultimately quicker routes, because this bike will be with you every step of the way.

Coupled with the frame and shocks are Shimano SLX and Deore XT components, representing a suitable degree of quality and providing a lightweight addition to an already light bike. The Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes are also present and correct, acting as a great pair of anchors which allow for the rider to manipulate them with finesse when other brakes might feel clunky and imprecise.

Trek has gone for the Bontrager XR3 tyres for the female specific version of the Fuel EX 8 and these are the tyres which you will find across many of its more expensive stable mates. Some have criticised the shallowness of the tread on these tyres but their high capacity helps to make up for this, not only making sure that they can roll quickly as you pick up speed, but also compensating for any force of the impacts which is not absorbed by the shocks.

The Trek Fuel EX 8 women’s mountain bike is better than ever in its latest incarnation, using the expertise of its predecessors but feeling more tweaked and toned to enhance the overall package. If you want an all-rounder that will eat the hardest trails for breakfast, then this is truly a bike worth considering.

Model: Trek Fuel EX 8 Women
4.5 / 5 stars