Trek Madone 6.7 SSL

The Trek Madone 6.7 SSL is a road racing bike from a series of models that are utilised by professionals and designed to meet the needs of this type of rider. As such, you get a frame that is ready to race and the kinds of components that are all oriented around performance rather than value. This model is hand built by Trek’s engineers in America, so it has that bespoke, individual feel that you will not find on other bikes that are rolled out of a mass production line.

The Trek Madone 6.7 SSL is based around the 700 Series OCLV Carbon frame, which features internal cable routing for convenience and reduced drag. The lightness of this material comes as no surprise, but Trek is able to deliver additional strength because it utilises carbon that is graded as appropriate for military purposes.

The carbon frame is partnered with the Bontrager Race XXX Lite full carbon fork with an E2 asymmetrical steerer and carbon dropouts. This gives you the same strength and capabilities at the front end of the bike and also allows for suitably comfortable vertical compliance in combination with deft handling that will keep you on the racing line at all times.

Shimano Dura-Ace drive train components are all onboard and the frame is compatible with the Di2 electronic shifting technology for additional gear changing speed if it is required. Trek has developed an impressive solution for the integration of all these components, so the bike looks clean and composed while also shaving off a few additional grams from the total weight in the process.

The wheelset is an important part of this kind of road racing bike and you get the Bontrager Race X Lite rims and hubs paired with Bontrager R4 tyres. This makes it easy to put your leg muscles to work, transferring power from the drive train and making sure that it propels you forward at a rate that will let you snake past the competition or sit at a steady pace if you are in for the long haul.

The Trek Madone 6.7 SSL is part of a group of bikes that are built to tackle gruelling race series such as the Tour de France and in fact, it is a bike not dissimilar to this that has help professional riders take home nine out of the last 12 victories in this specific event.

Success in a touring situation is not just about straight line speed, acceleration or handling, because the bike needs to be able to keep the rider as fresh as possible and avoid the kind of fatigue that can be generated by persistent road rumble and vibrations. To this end, the bike features the Bontrager Ride Tuned carbon seat mast, which is not only easily adjustable, but also geared towards comfort and utility at the same time. If day after day of riding awaits you, it will be easier to keep coming back for more if your bike has a feature like this.

A Race X Lite Blacde handlebar from Bontrager, along with a compatible carbon stem, help ensure that no area has been left untouched by this lightweight material. The bike certainly looks the part, with its carbon nature integrated into the aesthetic design so as to give other riders a hint of what you are sat astride. Of course you will need to be able to dig deep and hone your skills in order to justify using the Trek Madone 6.7 SSL, but if you are of the right physicality and mindset, it will be a purchase that you will not regret.