Trek Remedy 8 Mountain Bike

Trek Remedy 8 Mountain Bike Review

The Trek Remedy 8 is widely regarded to be a fantastic full-sus mountain bike at this price point. It offers 150mm of travel at the front and rear thank to a carefully thought out selection of shocks and the aluminium frame is very light indeed, allowing the bike to maintain a decent speed whether climbing or accelerating, which enhances the bike’s reputation as an all-rounder.

It can often be a struggle to get full suspension mountain bikes adjusted in a manner which makes them suitable for multiple situations. If the shocks are too stiff then you will lose out on any impact-absorbing benefits which they might offer, while a saggy, wallowing ride will sap your speed and make climbs a real challenge. The Trek Remedy 8 gets this balance almost spot on, with Fox components providing a ride that is comfortable and hard wearing while still being firm enough to make sure you can compete with hardtail-riding opponents.

Trek has kitted out the Remedy 8 with the same Bontrager XR3 tyres which you will find on many of its other mountain bikes. These are well suited to this particular setup, allowing you to make full use of their high capacities to pound down previously perilous slopes at high speed and still be sure that there is enough give in them to soak up big hits. The tyres are fast rolling and fitted to Bontrager Duster rims, with this firm also contributing the saddle, seatpost and handlebars to give the design some consistency across its various aspects. The popular Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes are another good fit for this bike, with accurate and precise speed tempering enabled thanks to their inclusion.

Shimano Deore and SLX components make up the majority of the gearing for the Trek Remedy 8 and this is perfect for a mid-range mountain bike from this model family. The Shimano kit is not the lightest on the market but it is certainly close to being the most durable and reliable, two things which riders may come to value if they have long distances to cover and no desire to be held up by mechanical problems on the way.

The styling of the Trek Remedy 8 is in keeping with the hardcore aspirations of the bike. It has a kind of tarnished silver finish to the frame, blended with black and red detailing to help break things up a little. The black rims and fat tyres look adequately capable and the frame geometry which gives you good clearance also adds an edge to its visual impact.

The Trek Remedy 8 is a mountain bike which offers a long checklist of solid components and attractive capabilities. There is no trade-off between stiffness and comfort, so you can take on climbs efficiently and then pick the quickest and trickiest path downwards with confidence. While it may lack flare or flamboyance, it is more than able to make up for it with proven ability.

Model: Trek Remedy 8
4 / 5 stars