Trek Remedy 9 Mountain Bike

Trek Remedy 9 Mountain Bike Review

The Trek Remedy 9 is a mountain bike which offers you one of the best full suspension aluminium frames in the business. While there are carbon framed siblings sitting in higher price brackets than this model, the extra cash will not necessarily buy you extra performance, which makes the Remedy 9 seem all the more alluring. You will want to take the roughest, rockiest, most punishing trail imaginable just to see what this bike can do and be well rewarded for choosing it.

The Trek Remedy 9 features an aluminium frame which is surprisingly light and definitely one of the more sturdy options around. It has 150mm of travel thanks to the matched Fox fork and rear shock. The dual-chamber setup of the Fox shock allows this 150mm rating to be pushed well beyond what you might normally expect and this has been a staple asset of various Trek mountain bikes for the past couple of years. A few fine adjustments have been made to give the 2011 model a more responsive ride, which is willing to fly across the flat and reel you up the climbs while still feeling firm and supportive beneath you.

This degree of stability is important in any mountain bike, but is even more necessary here because you will ideally want to ride this quickly across terrain that is out to give you a difficult time of it. The suspension and frame geometry have been arranged in such a way as to make the Trek Remedy 9 feel fast and capable whether going uphill or down, with a particular emphasis on ensuring smooth descents at high speed.

To add to the sense that the bike is fleet of foot, the Trek Remedy 9 has fast-rolling Bontrager XR3 Expert tyres. These may not have quite as deep a tread pattern as you may be used to, but with their high capacities they are intended to get you across uneven ground and through every conceivable condition without passing on too many of the impacts to the frame and ultimately the rider. Avid Elixir 5 hydraulic disc brakes are also featured here and they have become a favourite of many off-road riders, offering the right balance of precision with raw stopping power that will enhance your overall confidence.

The Trek Remedy 9 is stylishly designed and comes down on the right side of gaudy with its black frame and flamboyant gold detailing. Trek has kept things relatively simple, but it is impossible to deny the aesthetic appeal of this particular model.

The Trek Remedy 9 is yet another welcome addition to this family of mountain bikes. As the king of the alloy-framed cycles, its full suspension equipment is more than a match for the toughest descents and while the marketing spiel brags about its ability to make you pick the more difficult routes just for the hell of it, there is certainly something about the bike which can ensure that cavalier actions are rewarded with full support and long lasting stability.

Model: Trek Remedy 9
4 / 5 stars