Trek Remedy 7 Mountain Bike

Trek Remedy 7 Mountain Bike

The Trek Remedy 7 can take the bite out of the most gut-wrenching mountain trails thanks to its full suspension setup and rock solid aluminium frame. It comes from a family of respected cycles which has been gradually improving over the years and the latest edition is certainly worthy of its price and legions of admirers. 150mm of travel lets you take hit after hit on the downhill sections while its forgiving geometry and stiff suspension is able to buoy you along as you tackle climbs.

The Trek Remedy 7 is cheaper and heavier than the carbon frame models higher in this range. However, although there is a big difference in price, the real-life impact on the weight and performance of choosing the aluminium option is not as significant as you might think. Those concerned about the potentially fragile nature of carbon can put their minds at ease with this alternative, as it is built to be tough enough to take serious punishment and come out asking for more.

Part of the appeal of this bike is the Fox fork and rear shock, which in combination give the bike 150mm of travel and can help you glide along over the flat and knuckle down to attacking the climbs without feeling too supple or soft. When the Trek Remedy 7 is faced with an all-out downhill sprint it will really be in its element, as the shocks manage to brush off impacts and knock some sense into rocky, rooty ground that might otherwise knock the stuffing out of you. It will be easier to go faster when you are sat astride this as while other bikes might give you cause to hold back, the Trek Remedy 7 will push you to pick the path less travelled and reap the associated rewards.

The handling of the Trek Remedy 7 plays its own important part in all of this. You can flick the bike around bends and rein it in when you might otherwise feel it getting away from you. There is enough feel in the ride to help guide your use of the bike without compromising comfort levels. Avid Elixir 3 hydraulic brakes work well with this package, as do the Bontrager XR3 Expert tyres, which are intended to let you reach top speed quickly while still having the cushioning capabilities required to soften the blows that are sure to be dealt by a combination of the landscape and the inevitable nature of gravity.

SRAM X.7 components are contributed for the gears and the whole bike feels like it has been put together well and finished neatly, which is not something that can always be said for cheaper, more rough and ready mountain bikes. The black and grey of the frame means that the bike is quite subdued in its styling, although it certainly looks like a cool customer in amongst the other day-glo bikes that can often litter this section of the off road market.

Model: Trek Remedy 7
4 / 5 stars