Bianchi has a large selection of MTB off-road bikes that include the Doss 5200, Doss 5100, Ruck 2800, and Ruck 2600. These models are reasonably priced and they’re geometrically designed to give you a more comfortable riding position overall. It is less extreme and more relaxed in a comfortable manner. People that are just getting into the mountain bike world and want to make a smart choice could do a lot worse than start with a Bianchi mountain bike.

Bianchi is on a constant search for better technology for their bikes to achieve the ultimate performance possible for their customers, and this includes amateur and professional customers. From the design of the tubes on the parts of the bikes to the finished product, there is a rigorous process of inspection and quality control. The bikes all share a similar design, whatever material they’re constructed from, whether that is aluminium, steel, carbon, or titanium. The MegaPro concept, sloping, and technology solutions help carve out Bianchi’s uniqueness compared to other bike manufacturers and retailers. With the MegaPro treatment, the frame tubes undergo heat treatment so that their original features which were altered with the deformations imposed by the stresses of manufacturing are returned to normal. The sloping innovations cause stability when descending, weight savings, and increased rigidity.

You can see a big thumbnail when you click any bike, a components list, and an underlying diagram of the geometry. This is pretty standard fare for most bike retailers’ profiles on bike websites. You can also get some great accessories and wear like a vintage wool celeste jersey and historic wool jersey (long sleeve) for the ride on the bike. Bianchi doesn’t leave out their consumers and let them go without clothing. You can even print the bike information and share it with friends. Most bike websites are currently connected up to the web 2.0 revolution.

There is in-depth information about the technology and racing on the Bianchi website. Under technology, you can see materials, processes, geometrics, and components. Under racing, you can see Team Flaminia, Team TX Active, Team BMW Bianchi, and Rocky in Chile, 2010. There are man places to look on the Bianchi website, and it is quite intriguing. Their dealer search is pretty nice too, using Google maps. The bikes are well-laid out in an attractive design, and the store features much more than just bikes. Additionally, you can easily join the Bianchi newsletter and there is a quick link to the store in red. Bianchi is very geared toward selling bikes, and they have a very simple homepage to this effect.

There are simple links along the top on the website that correspond to my account, my wishlist, my cart, checkout, and log in.

Interestingly, Bianchi is the world’s oldest bicycle company still in existence, and it was founded in 1885. The entrepreneurs behind the company had the good idea that bikes would one day become as useful as they are now, and they were right.