Bianchi Sempre Review

The Bianchi Sempre family of road bikes has been put together in order to court the affections of those who value precise handling in their cycling experience. A blend of carbon, aluminium and components from Shimano and Campagnolo come together across the range in order to put the rider in a position of power.

Bianchi Sempre Veloce

The Bianchi Sempre Veloce features the TC11 carbon frame and a fork that blends carbon with alloy in order to get the benefits of both materials, namely affordability and lightness. Campagnolo Veloce derailleurs, shifters and many more components from the same groupset work well together to help you convert your pent-up energy into forward momentum. Meanwhile the FSA Gossamer brakes live up to their name, allowing you to bring the bike into check before a corner or stop dead if you run into traffic lights on an urban jaunt. Maddux RX 5.1 Lite rims, hubs and spokes are united with Hutchinson Equinox 2 tyres beneath you, ensuring that there is little resistance to your pumping legs. The Reparto Corse SP-976 carbon fibre seatpost is also light and adjustable to suit your riding style.

Bianchi Sempre 105

The Bianchi Sempre 105 is a similar price to the Veloce, but this time you get the Shimano 105 groupset at your disposal onboard the carbon frame and carbon-Alu fork. The Reparto Corse compact alloy handlebars give plenty of reach while being positioned in such a way as to encourage you to sit in a more aerodynamic arrangement and thus achieve higher speeds.

Bianchi Sempre Athena

The Bianchi Sempre Athena adds an UTTC (Ultra Thin Seat Stay) to the carbon BB30 frame, while this time you get a full carbon fork at the front to keep the weight lower than you will find on the alloy-blended alternatives. 22 gears come from the Campagnolo Athena and Chorus groupsets, while the Campagnolo Athena Skeleton brakes are light and eager while still being durable and relatively easy to maintain. Fulcrum Racing 5 rims with custom spokes and Vittoria Cross XG tyres round out the feature set of the Sempre Athena in style.

Bianchi Sempre Ultegra

The Bianchi Sempre Ultegra retains the full carbon fork but uses the slightly more affordable TC11 carbon frame than that found on the Athena. You get Shimano Ultegra and 105 components as well as the FSA Gossamer brakes and Fulcrum Racing 7 rims, hubs and spokes. Hutchinson supplies the same Equinox 2 tyres as found on the 105 and Veloce.

Bianchi Sempre Ultegra Di2

If you want the best of the range then the Bianchi Sempre Ultegra Di2 is going to be of interest. The frame is stiffer and lighter, with carbon used extensively throughout the bike. Shimano Ultegra Di2 derailleurs and shifters help to define this model against its stable mates and the overall results are excellent. You will want to stay onboard all day whether training, racing or just having fun. This model includes certain accessories, such as a race-ready water bottle hanger from composite materials for lightness along with Bianchi’s Hydra water bottle itself for on the move hydration.