Bottecchia road bikes are some of the most popular bicycles. It has a rich background and history around the maker and the brand. A very successful brand name among bicycles in Europe, Bottecchia is spreading fast in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

The company was named after the maker of the first Bottecchia bicycles – Ottavvio Bottecchia. Bottecchia was the first Italian to win the French cycling competition of Tour De France on two occasions. He was also the first Italian to wear the yellow jersey from the first till the final leg of the race. Besides he has also gained plenty of accolades in Italian races too.

As the history goes, Ottavvio Bottecchia’s class was noted by Teodoro Carnielli when he became the member and later the president of Associazione Ciclistica. Carnielli decided to produce bikes with the guidance and talent of Bottecchia in return for a royalty to the fantastic rider. What started as a small workshop grew to a big business employing over 100 employees between 1930 and 1940.

Through the 1950’s, the Bottecchia cycle company invented the exercise bike called cyclette which allowed people to cycle on the spot. The next major breakthrough was the folding bike in the 1960s from Bottecchia. This allowed people to comfortably carry their bikes in their cars.

Through the 1990s the company relocated from its traditional home ground in Vittorio Veneto to Cavarzere in Venice. Today the brand has grown to produce over 70 different bicycle models ranging from race bikes to MTB and TRK bikes. This historical brand has really come a long way today.

The latest models from Bottecchia cover a wide range of cycling needs among its fans. One of the latest models in cycling has been the electric cycles. Now you can enjoy electric cycling experience on a Bottecchia with Elettrica. Bottecchia also has a wide range of trekking cycles. With carbon frames and amortized forks, you can trek tough terrains with these series of bikes. The Alta Velocita range of bikes is perfect for those who seek speed for regular use as well as sporting needs.

Bottecchia also manufactures Mountain Terrain Bikes with full suspension. You get Bottecchia MTB models with hydraulic brakes and disc brakes to give the riding better control on the bike in challenging roads. There are many Bottecchia models for kids and females too. So if you like to bike to the local store to get your groceries, get your self a Bottecchia and ride in comfort and style, fully assured of the quality of the product.

With stunning looks, detailed designs, new parts and latest technology you can get the best cycling solutions from Bottecchia for all ages and sexes. Bottecchia is truly the perfect bicycle for the ardent user.

Bike: Bottecchia
4 / 5 stars