German technology and quality are world renowned in many walks of life. How can we not have some presence in cycles for this technology? The answer to this is Corratec road bikes. The Corratec bikes have for years been at the cutting edge of design and technology to give the riders the best biking experience. While many other brands are looking for great technology, unique accessories and all, Corratec focuses on one simple goal – how to make the bicycle move as if it is a part of the rider’s body.

Here are some unique technologies that make Corratec cycles as good as they are.

2 Circle Suspension: For many riders the real thrill in the biking is the suspension. The better the suspension the better the riding experience on some rough terrains. The 2 Circle suspension technology from Corratec aims to do just that. With dual spheres, you are not looking a single dimension suspension, but a two way suspension that will handle force from top-bottom as well as sideways. The newest innovation is the use of carbon in the 2Circle suspension system, making the bikes ideal for cross country riding.

CA+ Tube: Two of the most popular materials used in high end bikes are aluminum and carbon. With Corratec you get combination of both. Tltra light aluminum tubes combined with carbon to give a very light, tough and durable frame that can withstand demands of rugged trails and roads.

Besides these there are a host of impressive features that make Corratec bikes great for any rider.

Corratec makes bikes for all conditions. They have popular models for mountain biking, road biking and trekking. The mountain bikes come with full suspension for the real fun in mountain biking. You also get three options in terms of classic hard tail, carbon hard tail and bow hard tail. There are separate models for females and kids too under the brand names of Miss C and Kids. Thus regardless of your age or sex, you have a Corratec cycle that you can use for mountain biking.

Among the trekking bicycles, there are many models depending on the kind of ride you want. The Cross series is ideal for cross country biking and the Crusing models are great for urban use. The B-Drive models have a mechanism to regulate the level of braking to ensure safe stoppage.

Besides the bikes, Corratec also has a wide range of accessories. The biking suits and jackets give the riding comfort for long rides. And if you are a fan of Corratec you cans also get a host of stylish Corratec T-shirts that you can wear for casual use.

If you are a triathlon competitor, you would know the importance of having a durable, light fork that fits it quickly. Corratec has a whole series of these forks that you can purchase for your bike. Besides fork, you can also get grips, grip tapes, handle bars, types and bottles to design your next racing bike.

Bike: Corratec
4 / 5 stars