Corratec sponsors a cycling team based out of Austria called Vorarlberg-Corratec. They also sell a great range of mountain bikes. Their 2011 line of full suspension mountain bikes includes Air Tech Revolution, Air Tech World Cup, Air Tech Mutant, Air Tech Glacier, Air Tech Zone, X-Force 0.2, X-Force 0.3, X-Force 0.1, and X-Force 0.1. Their line of carbon hardtail bikes includes Revolution Worldcup, Revolution Team, and Revolution Race.

Their line of bow hardtail includes Super Bow Worldcup, Super Bow Worldcup XT, Super Bow Race, Super Bow Fun, and Super Bow Trail. Their line of classic hardtail includes X-Vert S CA+, X-Vert S 0.1, X-Vert S 0.2, X-Vert S 0.3, X-Vert S 0.4, X-Vert Expert, X-Vert Motion White, X-Vert Motion Black, X-Vert halcon, X-Vert Baco, X-Vert Mayon, and X-Vert Taal. Their line of Miss C includes Air Tech Miss C, X-Vert S CA+ Mis C XTR, X-Vert S CA+ Miss C XT, X-Vert S CA+ Miss C, X-Vert S Miss C, and X-Vert Miss C. Their line of kids bikes includes X-Vert Teen and X-Vert Kid.

Their line of handmade bikes by Mauro Sannino includes cf 1 mtb options base xtr, cf 1 mtb options base xt, ov duro mtb options base xtr, and ov duro mtb options base xt. But what is Corratec all about? The founders, Cielo & Konrad Irlbacher, are a husband and wife team that wanted to put their love of biking to use to make money. Their concept behind their brand is that their bikes suit you perfectly, move with you, accompany you, and become a part of you. These are unique bikes that create active riding fun and add the spice of color that illuminates your day. The real difference behind Corratec is that they make bikes that fit around you and not the other way around. They even have colours to suit anyone.

Corratec boasts of its decades of know how, product portfolio, attractive set of accessories, leisurewear, an international network of dealers, and comprehensive maintenance service. Corratec makes it clear that you can rely on their German engineering. Corratec has connected with partners in more than 40 countries to bring you the best bikes possible. The mission statement of Corratec is to colour your way. The slogan has successfully differentiated the company from its competitors for over 40 years. It is still going strong, and their new bike lines constantly suit reams of new bike riders.

Corratec has always remained faithful to Germany, and the development, design, and production all take place in Germany. One of the hallmark technologies of Corratec is that they have a 2circle system that has perfected itself as the perfect rear end suspension system. It now even has a carbon frame to go faster. This bike has perfect function when racing uphill, doing a cross-country trip, or going for a full marathon ride.

Bike: Corratec
4 / 5 stars