Cube has over a dozen mountain bikes that meet the rigorous standards that their riders demand. One of their signature bikes is the Sting HPC. It has dual trail control, hal hollow axle link, 3d box, press fit bb, fox customized setup, x12 through axle, fsp 4link, hpc high performance composite, and advanced twin mold. The dizzying amounts of technologies imbued into these bikes really shows the precision and attention to detail that Cube provides show how awesome and innovative they are.

The bikes in the Cube mountain bike range are cutting edge innovation on other bikes that is light due to the extravagant advances in the twin mould process. This, in combination with the high performance composites, reduces the total percentage of resin in the whole bike frame, and this makes the bike achieve a decent stability to weight ratio. The top kinematics are also especially tuned for use as a marathon and cross country bike. There are three separate colours of this wonderful bike that include black line, black ‘n’ green line, and team line.

The information, equipment, geometry, and details is all available on the bike profile page of the Cube website. There are detailed equipment listings for each bike with cross-comparisons that have handy little icons next to nice titles so you can see what each bike is all about. The geometry pages also feature pictures of the whole bike instead of just little cut-outs of the bike frame. There are diagrams for 16”, 18”, 20”, and 22”. You can also get detailed pictures of each particular component of the bike frame instead of just seeing one wide shot of the whole bike frame. This allows the bike connoisseur to zoom in on any particular feature of the bike he or she likes. There is also a more link where you can see pictures of the bike going on ascents and descents down and up hills.

Other bike profile pages on more high-profile bike manufacturers’ websites provide insufficient information to warrant a purchase, but the distinct attention to detail provided by Cube bikes is what makes them special in the mountain biking realm. Another one of their awesome hardtail bikes is the Reaction GTC. It features a press fit BB, FSS frame save system, twin mould technology, and wet paint surface. Cube distinguishes between its two ranges of bikes called full suspension and hardtail. Both are versions of mountain bikes. The Reaction GTC was voted bike of the year 2010. It comes in three colours of white ‘n’ black, red ‘n’ black, and carbon ‘n’ grey. These extraordinary colours really show off the illustrious frame behind the Reaction GTC. The carbon frame with the dynamic design really make it stand out from the rest. You can also see action pictures like they have on every other bike on the site.