Devinci began in 1987 with a mechanical engineer, an industrial designer, and a bunch of handmade bike frames. Three years later, Félix Gauthier bought the little outfit and commercialised it so that by 1993, bikes were being mass-produced. In 1994, Erick Auger joined in. He is a bike loving mechanical engineer, and he created the Research and Development Division. The R & D created numerous biking innovations. In 2001, The Devinci Company moved to a large, modern plant in Quebec, and they have produced quality bikes ever since.

Devinci has eight specialised lines of mountain bikes, each tailored for a specific purpose. For downhill riding, the Wilson ‘Cheat Death’ series is recommended. The Wilson frame has a four point adjustment system that improves speed and stability when cruising downhill. There are four bikes in this line – the Wilson Frameset, the Wilson 2, the Wilson 3 and the Wilson 4. They all come with Rock Shox fork suspension, but with slight differences. The Wilson Frameset has a Rock Shoxx Option suspension, the Wilson 2 has a roll coil, the Wilson 3 has a team coil and the Wilson 4 has Rock Shoxx World Cup Solo. All four bikes use Fox DHX for their rear shocks, and use hydraulic disc brakes.

Free ride bikers will enjoy the Frantik ‘Double Diamond’ line. The bikes have a travel of 180 mm and Fox Van rear shocks. The Frantik Frameset is the most basic bike, with a high pressure shock pump and Fox DHX rear suspension. The moderately priced Ollie ‘Steadfast’ bike has Marzocchi suspension and works well for both downhill trails and free riding through waterfalls or beaten tracks.

The Hecktick ‘Freedom’ bikes are good for light free riding and unmarked mountain trails. The two bikes come with a rigid headset that has been tapered slightly. The Hecktick 1 has Rock Shoxx Lyrik suspension, while the Hecktick 2 has a Fox 36 fork.

The XC Trail series has two ‘Rock crawling’ bikes. The Remix SL3 comes with 130 mm Monarch rear suspension to absorb the extra impact from rock climbing. The rear shocks on the Remix SL4 are Fox Float.

The XC Race line has the largest number of bikes – four Moonracers and two Desperados. The Moonracer frame has a parallelogram suspension with a travel of 75 mm, while the Desperado frames focus on giving the rider control of the bike.

The four bikes in the VTT X line are considered all-terrain bikes, and can handle anything from mud baths to slippery rock climbing. The Hucker ‘Bullet proof’ bikes with their compact Marzocchi suspension are the two-wheeled answer to 4x4s.

The ATB Sport line has four Cameleon bikes that can shift from town to country riding and adjust to all conditions. Finally, the Dirt/Street bike series has two District ‘Anti-hero’ bikes that are best used for ramps, skater parks and trick riding. It has a lower COG for better stability during jumps. If you want the best Canadian bikes, The Devinci Company is your first and only stop.