Pace Cycles have been active in the mountain bike circuit for 23 years, carving up the trails since 1987. Their 2010 range is extensive and features the 325.5 XC / all mountain hardtail, RC104, RC204, RC405, RC506, and 42:16. Let’s take a look at their signature bike, the RC104.

Pace RC104 Bike

The RC104 features a design that is classier than most designs in mountain bikes. It has a brown leather seat and muted blue frame that makes it look more like an urban bike than a mountain roadster. However, this trail-riding bike can handle the toughest turns and the steepest hills. Don’t let the design fool you. The frames are treated with phosphate during the manufacturing process, and this adds a high level of corrosion resistance that makes them impervious to wear and tear that will probably befall them out on the trail. The plastic undertunnel cable guide is also supplied with the frame. The RC104 comes with a 2 year warranty as well.

RC104 colours include Morris Blue and Purple Marine. Pace also sells additional products like accessories, fluidwork, pace clothing, and retro parts. There is a blog on the Pace website for updates of the parts and the prices so that astute bikers can keep up with all the changes that Pace is making in keeping their parts competitive and reachable to most customers.

Most people are extremely tuned in to the price fluctuations of bike parts when they’re such in-depth riders as those that purchase Pace mountain bikes in the first place. The contact page on the Pace website also features information for dealers, customers, an archive, and a profile so that potential customers can reach out to the company in as many ways as possible. Pace is really a company that seems to have its priorities in order and its mission in a workable system. The site is simple and the range is brief, but Pace gets the job done as far as making some of the best bikes for the price. There is even a list of recommended dealers so you can find the one that suits you best. The support system for interacting with the website staff is very good, with faqs, support and troubleshooting, fork, shock, & bb service, parts list, and manuals.

You know when you are purchasing a Pace bike that you will be getting all the support you need when you need it. The new RC325.5 frame also won a big group test right out of the gates. The frame is used on all their bikes, and it fits into each model effortlessly. The website is constantly updated with information like this so you can see parts lists, reviews, and updates to their product range.