Merida Industry Co. is a company based on Taiwan bicycle design, manufacture, and sales. Established in 1972 as a small contract shop under a Japanese bicycle parts brand, Merida has expanded to the US and Europe and is now a global player in bicycle design and manufacturing. Merida is one of the world’s largest makers of premium bicycles and is known for the development of high-quality and very light aluminum and carbon-fibre frames.

Merida manufactured bikes for US brands including Centurion and DiamondBack in the 1990’s, and was later known for producing mass-marketed bikes. In more recent years, Merida has started to work its way into the high-end market with designs such as the Ninety-Six and the One-Twenty. Merida also manufactures the frames and forks for Halfords for their lines of Carrera and Boardman bikes in the UK.

Merida Industry Co. prides itself on a strictly quality-oriented philosophy. Their products are based on the best possible combination of manpower, manufacturing and material – effectively merging highly innovative German engineering with the practical input of their professional biking team.

Since 2004, the Multivan Merida Biking Team has been scoring over 30 World Cup wins, as well as Olympic gold and silver medals. The Merida Biking Team also boasts an astonishing ten World and eleven European Championship titles. While Merida’s professional riders support the company’s reputation by displaying outstanding performance – at the same time, they perform another very important role as test pilots for Merida bike models.

Merida produces bicycles in seven categories: MTB Suspension, MTB Hardtail, Cross Bike, Cyclo Cross, Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes, and Fitness Bikes. These seven bike categories host an impressive 40 models, each model having multiple makes to fit the rider’s needs. Merida’s most common models are Matts, Juliets, and Ninety-Sixes. The MTB Suspension series bikes are the Ninety-Six, the One-Twenty, the Trans Mission, and the One-Five-O. The MTB Hardtail series bikes are O.NINE, the Carbon Flex, MTB RACE-MATTS HFS, the MTB SPORT-MATTS TFS, the MTB SPORTS MATTS, the MTB TRAIL, the MTB LADY JULIET, and the MTB KIDS DAKAR.

Merida especially prides itself on its O.NINE model and the carbon technology behind it. The raw materials of this technology include a special combination of High Modulus, Ultra-High Modulus, and Intermediate carbon fibers. Other technology used by Merida includes “Time Warp”—designed to reduce wind resistance & increase cyclist speed, “Flex Stay”—their seat & chain combination which allows it to absorb vertical forces much more easily, and “Compact Geometry”—provides the performance benefits of smaller, stiffer, lighter frames, making the cyclist faster, while adding aesthetic appeal as well. All of these technological advances set Merida apart in its manufacture of top-quality bicycles.

Merida also offers a variety of accessories to help cyclists optimize their performance. These accessories include an assortment of jerseys, shorts, helmets, gloves, glasses, tools, shoes, and even socks. All products are listed on Merida’s website, and while pricing is not provided, Merida offer’s a dealer search feature on their site, as well as contact listings for all MTB global offices.