Scott Voltage Mountain Bike

Image of Scott Voltage Mountain Bike

The low-slung, full suspension Scott Voltage range is designed to cater to riders that want to take on daunting downhill runs and seriously slippery slopes without coming a cropper in the process. These mountain bikes are priced relatively affordably to make them accessible to budding riders as well as seasoned veterans.

Scott Voltage FR 30

The slope style and park geometry of the Scott Voltage FR’s 6061 alloy frame gives it that hardcore, specialist look that defines many downhill bikes. The hydro formed tubing is light and relatively slender, but it loses nothing of the strength that is required of this type of big-hit absorbing bike.

The geometry of the bike is actually intended to be fully adjustable, with easy changes that can be made by the rider depending on the type of event or environment you are facing.

The front fork features the RockShox Domain R coil suspension with adjustable rebound and a maximum travel of 180mm. This works in unison with the Marzocchi Coil R rear shock, which has an exposed spring that looks appealing whether the bike is sitting still or diving down a trail. The total frame travel can be adjusted between 150mm and 170mm to give you the maximum possible flexibility when it comes to the performance of the bike.

SRAM X4 and X5 components make up the drive train, while the Avid Elixir 1 disc brakes deliver superior stopping power, with full 200mm rotors on the front and rear wheels. Alex FR 32 rims and Schwalbe Big Betty Freeride Performance continue to cater to the specialist audience that will be considering this bike.

Scott Voltage FR 20

The Scott Voltage FR 20 sticks with the same basic formula of alloy frame and competently selected components, making improvements in terms of the shocks at the front and rear to tweak its capabilities.

The RockShox Domain Dualcrown R fork has the potential to provide 200mm of travel, although in combination with the Fox Van R coil spring shock it lets the rider access between 160mm and 180mm of full frame travel.

SRAM X5 and X7 kit comes together in the transmission for slick shifts, while Avid Elixir 5S disc brakes bite down with as much force as the rider dictates. The crankset and BB-set from Truativ complement the rest of the components, while the Schwalbe Big Betty DH at the front and the Verstar tyre at the rear give you excellent all-terrain grip and durability. Productivity technology helps to prevent punctures and damage that could easily put paid to a good performance in competitive circumstances.

Scott Voltage FR 10

The Scott Voltage FR 10 is the most capable bike in this range, a fact that is reflected by the inclusion of the Fox 36 Van FIT RC2 fork on the frame. This is paired with its partner at the rear, the Fox DHX RC2 shock with boost valve technology and low speed compression to keep the bike feeling agile and responsive at all times.

The Avid Code R disc brakes are lighter than the other braking setups found on the more affordable models, while SRAM X7 and X9 components help to keep the weight down in the transmission department.

This bike, like the others in the Scott Voltage range, features an E-Thirteen chain guide system which is intended to keep the chain in contact with the teeth of the cogset so that even in the most punishing circumstances you do not lose drive. This should be a good indication of the kind of hairy scenarios that the Voltage family is designed to conquer, as well as the type of rider that will be best equipped to take full advantage.