Road bike clothing has to be of a special breed and consistency because it is impossible to just go out there on the street and enjoy using a road bike without the proper attire befitting a person of the road biker’s stature. In all seriousness, road bike clothing is required for biking outdoors because it is a sport that requires repetitive movements and can have you incur injuries if you’re not careful. The clothes need to be form-fitting, thick, dense, and amorphous to accommodate the dealing, wheeling, and reeling of the road.

Examples of specific types of clothing sold for road cyclists include jackets, cold weather cycling tights, cycling jerseys, shorts and bibs, shirts, shoes, socks, and sunglasses. There is a specific type of look that goes along with road bike clothing that is sleek, smooth, aerodynamic, and useful out on the street for road biking.

Some brands of road bike clothing include Capo, Castelli, Craft, Cutter, Endura, Giordana, Gore Bike Wear, Hincapie Sportswear, Ibex, Louis Garneau, Mavic, Norrona, Pearl Izumi, PezCycling News, and Santini.

Jackets are pretty cheap, and they’re probably the first thing you should get if you’re cycling outdoors. They run the price range of between £50 and £300, but often, bargains can be found online. Outside of that, you’ll need some long pants if it’s cold outside and some short pants if it’s warm outside. If worst comes to worst, you can always wear a t-shirt under your jacket. The jacket will protect the upper body which is facing the most wind resistance, encountering the most cold air, and feeling the brunt of the pain of the bitter winds that blow against you when you’re cycling. There is futility in attempting to engage in cycling without a jacket because you will inevitably get too cold and have to come back inside. The legs encounter less wind than the upper body so they can go with shorts. But even in warm weather some people prefer long pants because of the wind created as a result of riding at fast speeds can cause coldness in the legs.

The brands that sell men’s pants are far less than the brands that sell men’s jackets because jackets are far more popular, and necessary. Good pants can cost about £100 but keep looking out for online offers to keep your legs warm. The pants should be waterproof, breathable, have pockets, be seam taped, have venting, have an elastic waist or draw cord, be used for biking in wet weather, have a lifetime manufacturer warranty, and they can either be imported or made at home. With synthetic pants, it really doesn’t matter if they’re imported. Natural materials really only matter if the products are made at home. The stipulation that it’s imported should not deter you from purchasing the pants. Some people might decide not to purchase certain things because they’re made in different countries and could fall apart easily. The same is not true of pants.