Five Ten Impact 2

The Five Ten Impact 2 Low Flat Sole Shoe is a high performance flat pedal shoe.

The 5-Ten Impact is designed to secure the foot into the shoe from toe to heel to ensure a firm full-foot to pedal power application. This is bar far the best MTB shoe I have ever owned. Not only is it firm, it’s very comfortable too.

The Impact is made from a leather upper for lightweight wearing and all-season durability. The sole is made from a specifically designed Stealth rubber sole, which delivers a unique blend of high friction and shock absorption. This sole is superb, and I rarely use such words to describe things. The sole is solid when you want it to be, ie. when you’re putting power down onto the pedal, but it’s also flexible.

Five Ten Impact 2 Sticky Sole

Five Ten Impact 2 Sole

Perhaps the best part of the five ten impact 2 shoe is the way it feels. For years I used a shimano shoe with cleats but never felt fully comfortable with them across wet and slippy terrain as I couldn’t get my feet in and out of the cleats in time to maintain my momentum. So, I decided to move onto non-cleated MTB shoes.

So, being used to a fixed shoe-to-pedal style of cycling, I was a little unsure how I would adapt to the Five Ten Impact shoes.

Having purchased the Five Ten’s after reading many positive reviews (like this one!) I next had to replace my pedals. I chose a pair of DMR V12 Magnesium Pedals which are so so good – very strong and incredibly lightweight.

The combination of the Five Ten sole with the DMR pedals is like riding with your feet in cleats but without the are-they-in-or-out doubts. The effect is awesome, such a firm foot down feeling when you put the power down and then a wonderful sticky feeling of foot on pedal when climbing. A brilliant shoe, no doubts.

  • Reflectivity: Reflective Five Ten side logo
  • Protection: Protective Poly toe-cap
  • Upper: Abrasion resistant action leather
  • Insole: Dual Density
  • Outsole: High friction Stealth S1
  • Closure: Barrel lacing
  • Cleat Compatibility: No