Scott Scale 29 Team Review

The Scott Scale 29 Team features an all-new alloy frame design and a host of other action-ready features which will make it a mountain bike to watch in 2012. While it is still going to garner the attention of a wide audience thanks to its competitive price, it will also be seen as honed and toned enough to win favour with enthusiasts who are serious about the proficiency of their cycling.

The fast, smooth rolling 29 inch wheels of the Scott Scale 29 Team are complimented by the alloy frame with custom butted superlight tubing. This is a fresh design for 2012 and is lighter and tighter than any of its predecessors, allowing the bike to take on terrain, that would be problematic for some other bikes, without breaking its stride. The hardtail setup is complimentary to the light construction and it means that the bike responds well to being thrown at hills or dashing down slopes, letting you accelerate and maintain speed with ease without ever feeling like you are being shaken into early retirement from a race due to excessive stiffness. I suppose I should own-up to the fact that I prefer hardtails to full-suspension bikes, which may cloud my judgement slightly. However, at £1,100, this is a lovely bike and one that’s well worth it’s four star status.

Scott Scale 29 Team Specifications

The Rockshox XC32 TK 29 fork features adjustable rebound and 100mm of travel. This is a good step up from the Suntour shock found on the more affordable mountain bikes in the Scott Bikes family because it is better able to adapt to different levels of pressure, delivering a scalable performance which is sympathetic to quick shifts in terrain and particularly heavy hits.

Shimano Deore & SLX components make up the drivetrain of the Scott Scale 29 Team and you also get M446 disc brakes from the same company. Shimano acts as a good partner to the rest of the bike, letting you stay focused in the corners and shift smoothly between gears during climbs and descents. It is also perfectly adapted to take advantage of the larger wheels found on this bike.

Alex XC49 rims and the excellent Rocket Ron Performance tyres from Schwalbe are a good foundation for the Scale 29 Team MTB. While the lightness of the bike cannot hope to approach what you might find on its carbon framed siblings, it is durable yet relatively weight-efficient components like these which help you to forget that there is much of a difference in performance and yet a very significant gap in price. Specifically, the Team weighs in at 12.5kg whilst the entry level carbon frame, of the same range, weighs 10.7kg, this being the Scott Scale 29 Expert. But as I’ve just mentioned, the Expert is double the price of the Team.

The Scott Scale 29 Team features an all white frame that is sure to attract the dirt if you take it off the beaten path but will at least look well used after you have spent a relatively short time in the saddle. Scott keeps up a consistent level of build quality across all of its bikes and this is certainly true of this model, with each component fitting in to make a seamless whole.

The Scale 29 Team is a good mountain bike to graduate to if you have been relying on a cheaper model and you want to experience the next level of performance and quality without breaking the bank. Before you shell out for a carbon framed option, why not see what high grade alloy has to offer?

Model: Scott Scale 29
4 / 5 stars