Trek Lush Mountain Bike Review

The Trek Lush is brand new for 2012 and is another of the company’s mountain bikes designed for women who want the best full suspension experience they can find. While in the past Trek has simply adapted the Fuel EX range of mountain bikes in order to cater to the smaller, lighter forms of female riders, the Lush represents the first bike which has been designed from day one with women in mind. The results are excellent and should show that Trek is a company committed to catering to all riders.

The Trek Lush features the WSD (Women Specific Design) Alpha Platinum aluminium frame with manipulated tubing which has been slimmed down to be lighter than in the past while still delivering the kind of strength that is necessary on any bike that wants to put up a fight on the trail. Coupled with the frame at the front is a RockShox Recon Gold TK shock with 120mm travel and a Fox Performance Series Float RP-2 at the rear.

A generous 120mm of travel is afforded by the full suspension setup and Trek is well aware that lighter riders need different shock pressures in order to compensate for their weight difference, which is why a whole lot of tuning has gone into the Lush ahead of its launch. The DRCV dual-chamber setup of the Fox shock is designed to give you two levels of responsiveness, keeping it stiff and limber when you are putting down the power but opening up even more when the big hits arise. This helps to consolidate the racing credentials of the bike, although it also mean that weekend riders who are just in it for the fun and the fresh air will be able to benefit from high end features at a more affordable price point.

The Shimano Deore drivetrain is responsive and adaptable while the long list of Bontrager components, from the Evoke 1 saddle to the XR4 wire bead tyres, show that Trek works exceptionally well with this company. Shimano M446 hydraulic disc brakes help to keep the speed of the bike in check and also give you that analogue-style precision when it comes to entering corners and tackling obstacles at speed.

One thing which the Trek Lush has been designed to do is lower the centre of gravity for improved stability. This allows the rider’s weight to be more evenly distributed, improving balance and making sure that downhill plunges or daunting climbs are never going to leave you feeling unsettled or like you are cycling on a knife edge. Comfort is another area in which the Lush excels, not only absorbing the most jarring impacts but also more than able to smooth out rough surfaces which you will be covering with much greater regularity and over extended periods.

The Trek Lush is a very capable female-specific full suspension mountain bike and all the effort that has gone into making it work with the varied physiques of female riders can be rightly called a success.

Model: Trek Lush
4 / 5 stars