Trek Remedy 9.7 Mountain Bike

Trek Remedy 9.7 Mountain Bike Review

The Trek Remedy 9.7 is the marginally more affordable option at the top end of this range of full suspension bikes, letting you enjoy the carbon frame and the associated benefits for a few hundred pounds less than its similar siblings. The Remedy 9.7 is an all-purpose, all-weather mountain bike which will urge you to push yourself harder and try to conquer previously daunting descents. Its full suspension setup and super light carbon frame will make mincemeat of the competition when it comes to sprints and climbs as well, so you really are getting the whole package here, albeit at a relatively steep price point.

The carbon frame has all the trappings of a true mountaineering model, with its carbon components protected against the ravages of off-road use thanks to special armour. In fact, Trek engineers even developed a special experiment in order to test for the various inevitable impacts which will occur when rocks are flung up out on the trails, so you can be sure that the bike is more than able to protect itself.

The Trek Remedy 9.7 is lighter this year than it has ever been before. This has been achieved by making even more of the integral components from a carbon weave rather than a weightier metal alternative. Although the extra weight being shed may not mean much on paper, if you have competitive plans for the Remedy 9.7, it can be enough to give you the edge over similarly matched opponents.

Trek has improved the stability of the Fox suspension setup on the front and rear of the Remedy 9.7 in 2011. The dual chamber shock is still a real asset of this bike, allowing the 150mm of travel to feel like much more when it kicks into action. More fine tuning has gone on beneath the surface of the suspension, retaining the grounded feel of the bike and improving its ability to grip in the slipperiest of circumstances, while still allowing it to almost float across the ground rather than getting bogged down when you want to pedal powerfully and pick up speed.

Avid Elixir R hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear go well with Bontrager XR3 Expert tyres and rock solid DT Swiss rims, which are nonetheless light enough to not feel out of place on this carbon-focused mountain bike. SRAM X.7 and X.9 components give the Trek Remedy 9.7 its gears and although these are not quite in the same league as the XX options on the range-toppers, they are still more than enough to satisfy anyone.

The Trek Remedy 9.7 is the third carbon bike in this range and the slight downgrades to the components which allow it to earn its place are far from a burden on an undeniably worthy bike. It is at its happiest when presented with a very rough trail because you can give the suspension a real work out and see where shedding those extra few grams has made a difference.

Model: Trek Remedy 9.7
4 / 5 stars