Trek Remedy 9.8 Mountain Bike

Trek Remedy 9.8 Mountain Bike Review

Trek has gone back to the drawing board for the latest Remedy 9.8 mountain bike. It has shaved off even more weight from its already impressively light carbon-frame predecessors and taken time to refine the whole ride, enhancing the experience of taking it off-road and putting it through its paces. All of this has made the price something of a sticking point, but if you have a budget which can stretch far enough to ensnare this high performance machine, then you are in for a treat.

The OCLV carbon frame of the Trek Remedy 9.8 is well adapted for mountain biking, featuring carbon armour on the down tube to limit the damage which can normally be caused to this kind of bike by the stones that are kicked up during use. The geometry is perfect for both uphill slogs and downhill runs and above all it is rugged, light and stiffer than you might have expected a carbon bike to be, although of course this is where the price is justified for the kind of technicality that has been achieved.

The Fox fork and rear shock have been matched to give you 150mm of travel and while this is certainly generous and absorbent, it never feels like it is letting the bike sag or droop when you want to get up to speed. Like its siblings the Trek Remedy 9.8 feels very lithe and taut, encouraging you to put your foot down and push onwards to tackle even the steepest climbs. The back end will never skitter or stutter as you ascend and when you are facing the drop on the other side, you can be sure that there is enough give in the frame to compensate for otherwise punishing runs.

The Trek Remedy 9.8 is shod with Bontrager XR3 Team tyres on DT Swiss M1800 tubes and it seems that the manufacturer has gone for variations of this setup throughout the Remedy range. The rims are solid and reliable without being weighty and the tyres give you adequate grip while being able to take even more sting out of impacts, thanks to their high capacity. Each wheel is equipped with Avid XO hydraulic disc brakes which can bring the bike to a stop in any condition, while Shimano Deore XT gear components help to give you the right kind of ratios required for all-purpose mountaineering.

The Trek Remedy 9.8 has a slightly busy design, with its white frame adorned with black and gold. It has plenty of character and the generous clearance provided by the top tube geometry with its seamless carbon finish complete the look of this very capable bike.

You will need to be serious about your mountain biking to get the most out of this particular model, if only because the price will warrant a skilled rider rather than an enthusiastic beginner. The excellent range of carbon mountain bikes from Trek gets better each year and this is the current top dog.

Model: Trek Remedy 9.8
4 / 5 stars