The Scott CR1 Team Triple is back for 2011 and it has managed to fix the main area of criticism that was levelled against its forebears, which makes it arguably the best bike of its kind in a comparable price bracket. Although it is hardly a budget option, you definitely get a lot more bang for your buck than you might have expected in the past and this responsive, nimble road bike has a lot to offer when it comes to ride, handling and sheer personality.

The Scott CR1 Team Triple is light and stiff, using the CR1 frame which has been specifically designed to be sporty and a joy to ride. It is finished in carbon and coupled with a carbon fork, which is also from the Scott CR1 range to make sure there is cohesion in the vital organs of the bike. As previously mentioned, certain past models from the CR1 range were praised for their performance but criticised for the lack of comfort afforded by the setup. This problem has been eradicated and the bike is able to take the uneven, potholed surface of a typical road and turn it into a smooth, assured ride, whatever the weather.

If you were worried that this increase in comfort has come at the expense of performance then you can relax, as the Scott CR1 Team Triple is still the aggressive, stiff and flighty machine that it always has been. It lets you put down the power without wasting any of your precious energy. It also handles like the precision engineered cycle that it is, so you will never feel like you are having to fight to keep it on course. This will make you want to jump on it again and again and encourage you to extend training sessions longer and longer as you get to grips with the pure thrill of uninterrupted cycling.

You can adjust many aspects of the Scott CR1 Team Triple to suit your specific needs, but unlike some of its rivals, this can be performed in a flash. The Ritchley Pro seatpost is not only made from carbon to match the frame and fork but it is also easy to adjust and secure again without having to deal with fiddly parts. The other components are just as solid, with Shimano 105 gears and brakes providing the perfect partnership to match with the racing credentials of the frame geometry and carbon materials.

Scott has equipped this bike with the Continental Ultra Race tyres which are common throughout the current CR1 range. They are very capable and appealing from an aesthetic standpoint, allowing you to enjoy tyres which are a cut above the kind of generic options which might otherwise be found on enthusiast road bikes that are concerned with keeping the price on the right side of two grand.

The Scott CR1 Team Triple manages to be feisty and functional at the same time, letting you race and train with confidence while the components work seamlessly beneath you.