One of the leading producers of Mountain Bikes has announced some new models for 2012. Trek Bikes has unveiled its 2012 collection of trail-ripping full suspension bikes to the media at its Ride Camp in Mayrhofen, Austria.

Included in this year’s line are two completely new models; the Trek Carbon Session 9.9 and a bike that Trek are putting into a new category, which they are calling Technical Trail Bikes, the new Trek Slash Mountain Bike. New technologies abound as Trek’s Fuel EX, Remedy, and Rumblefish bikes will now be equipped with DRCV Fox Forks, a new fork breakthrough spawned from Trek’s Southern California-based suspension lab’s development work with Fox Racing Shox.

Trek Session 9.9

As you know, Trek have been developing carbon fibre (no, not fiber, that’s how the yanks spell it) frames for some 20 years or so. However, the Trek Session 9.9 will be their first carbon downhill bike.

This new Trek promises to be hot, damn hot I tell you. The 9.9 breaks new ground in lightweight DH race bikes, but yet still maintains the reputation the Session has built as the most agile and precise race frame available.

The Trek Session is the current choice of World Cup superstar, Aaron Gwin – see video below. The 2012 bike features a new redesigned frame and an increase in suspension travel to a race-thumping 210mm from the Fox DRCV Fork. One advantage of moving to a carbon frame on the Session 9.9, is that it allows for internal cable routing, or if run externally, virtually indestructible (patent-pending) MicroTruss that eliminates riveted cable housing guides.

The Session 9.9 also sees the first time that downhill riding has a material usage innovation at Trek with the application of InTension, which is a material that is lighter than carbon composite and leverages Trek’s Honeycomb patent. A Trek spokeman said; “The objective was to make the Session dramatically lighter without compromising the previous bike’s incredible performance,” Trek Senior Composite Manufacturing Engineer James Colegrove went on to say, “The 2 years of R&D we invested allowed our Advanced Concepts Group to create significant new technologies, like the use of a new material called InTension that acts like the center section of an i-beam; transferring shear loads between the two faces of carbon. The R&D time also produced a patent-pending cable tie system called MicroTruss that eliminates the need for riveted cable guides. Our development team is very pleased that the Session 9.9 will introduce such significant new carbon technology to the world.”

The new carbon frame is about 800 grams lighter than the 2011 aluminum frame to boot, which results in the complete production version of the Session 9.9 projected to weigh in at around 35 pounds.

Model: Trek Session 9.9
4 / 5 stars